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Meet TEC's Software Selection Consultants

Finding the right software solution for your company is a complex and time-consuming process. And with mission-critical systems on the line, there’s no room for error. Our team of experienced software selection services consultants helps ensure your success by rigorously assessing your enterprise software needs and tailoring an evaluation and selection project that will help your company find the right solution, and lay the groundwork for a successful implementation.


Lorne Goloff is Vice President of TEC’s Software Selection Services business unit. Goloff designs the company’s software selection offerings and oversees their sales and delivery. A recognized software selection expert, Goloff has managed more than 300 projects. He also develops direct, channel partner, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) relationships that empower organizations around the world to leverage TEC’s core competencies for their software research, evaluation, and selection projects. Goloff’s deep operational knowledge of the enterprise software market comes from a 25-year career both as a purchaser and a service provider. Goloff holds an MBA, with a concentration in strategic management of technology firms, from Concordia University.

Richard Mechaly manages consultant and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnerships for TEC’s Software Selection Services group. Since joining TEC, Mechaly has worked closely with IT decision makers, developing enterprise software evaluation and selection projects that address key business challenges. He has also collaborated with software vendors and TEC analysts to grow TEC’s repository of vendor information and ensure that the company’s data is transparent and meets industry standards. Mechaly holds a BA in Marketing from Concordia University.

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Stephan Steinhouse brings over a decade of experience with enterprise software to his role as a software selection consultant. He is adept at making sense of complex systems that span a variety of different software types. Prior to joining TEC, Steinhouse worked at the National Film Board (NFB) of Canada, where he was responsible for evaluating, testing, and procuring hardware and software systems. Steinhouse holds a BA in Arts and Communications from McGill University, and a degree in Photography and Film from Ryerson University.

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