Here's what our clients are saying:

"We saw a strategic partnership with TEC as a way to strengthen our market-leading position. Using TEC’s unmatched set of software selection resources and vast repository of vendor and implementer data looked like a sure-fire way to help our clients achieve success."
Jamon Johnston, director and co-owner, Solution Minds, Australia

"Having our own customized project evaluation center allowed us to research, identify, and assess our requirements more completely, and TEC’s assistance ensured we found a solution that met our business requirements—and the unbiased methodology, based on accurate data, helped us create a business case to get stakeholder buy-in."
Don Riley, Head of IT, Arysta LifeScience, North America

"When we would send a question by e-mail, TEC would send us the response within one or two hours. We always received an answer very promptly—never did it take more than a day to get the information we needed to move forward with the project."
Beatriz Eugenia Jaramillo Vásquez, Project Manager, Corona, Colombia

"Using TEC Advisor and generating comparison reports was simple—child’s play. All instructions, as well as the graphs and charts, were very easy to read and follow."
Eric Hansen, IT Project Manager, Global Refund, Netherlands

"Once I used TEC Advisor for one project, I didn’t want to go back to doing software evaluation the hard way. Analysis that once took me three weeks with Access databases takes three days or less with TEC’s assistance. "
Kim Scambilis, Project Manager and Senior Consultant, Gibson Consulting Group, US

"There was simply no way we could have evaluated as many vendors as we did, without TEC’s comprehensive and systematic methodology. The project would likely have taken twice as long, and our decision would have been based on far more subjective factors."
Jeff Cohen, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), F.J. Westcott Company, US

"By efficiently managing the participation of every regional facility and all concerned departments in the decision-making process, TEC’s methodology and involvement helped us achieve global consensus through the establishment of internal buy-in."
Howard Shen, IT Manager, Hampton Products, US

"We chose to use the TEC process as an efficient way to involve our management staff in the decision process. In this respect, it worked brilliantly. We were able to compare more candidate products than we could have done otherwise and to do it in an orderly and productive manner."
David Muchmore, IP Callison & Sons, US

"TEC enabled us to compare vendors on a line-by-line basis, which was an incredible time saver. As we became more flexible in what criteria were really critical, the ability to rerun these vendor comparisons was crucial in meeting our timelines. We were also able to eliminate vendors that met fewer of our needs without becoming too involved with them."
Scott Faulkner, IT Manager, Pioneer Clubs, US

"I would strongly recommend TEC to any company, regardless of size, for their next software selection project. Our TEC project manager provided us with transparent advice, direction, and guidance all along the evaluation and selection process. One of his key strengths was his objectivity. I never felt like he was pushing us towards one solution versus another. Instead, he equipped us adequately so that we could make informed decisions along the way."
Pat Cockrum, Controller, Reid & Wright, US

"The graphs and analysis created in TEC Advisor allowed our team to divorce the sales experience from the actual requirements. If anyone thought, in spite of the objective scoring method, that a vendor gave either a good or a bad demo, we were able to put our subjective opinions to the side and rely more on the results from TEC Advisor."
Bryon Black, IT Manager, South Coast Water District, US