Make Tough Decisions Easy to Manage with TEC's ERGO DSS

Organizational decision making is inherently complex, with some decisions containing many thousands of factors that need to be considered and prioritized by large groups of stakeholders. Faced with that level of complexity, it’s easy to lose sight of your goal—and make the wrong choice.

The ERGO DSS can help.

ERGO is a stand-alone, general-purpose decision support system (DSS) designed to help companies like yours simplify any kind of complex decision.

Using the same ebestmatch™ decision support engine found in the TEC Advisor evaluation system, the ERGO DSS breaks complex decisions into simple steps. Each step moves you closer to a rational, justifiable decision, so you never get overwhelmed by the data or lose sight of your objectives. And ERGO makes it easy to document every step of the decision process, so you can keep all of your stakeholders on the same page.


Using the ERGO DSS, you can:
  • factor tens of thousands of evaluation criteria into your decision;
  • compare thousands of potential solutions in a single decision model;
  • set priorities in the way that works best for you;
  • evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of potential solutions with what-if scenarios, simulations, sensitivity analyses, side-by-side comparisons, rankings, and more;
  • use interactive graphs and charts to generate precise analyses and explore what-if scenarios;
  • conduct detailed cost-benefit analyses; and
  • generate custom reports to communicate the progress, and ultimately the results, of your decision.

From procurement to engineering trade studies, portfolio optimization, project portfolio management (PPM), performance and risk assessment, systems dynamics modeling, software selection, hiring, and more, the ERGO DSS can handle any kind of decision. ERGO customers include government, and military organizations, as well as companies in industries such as finance, law, utilities, education, oil and gas, sports, and others.

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