TEC Advisor

TEC Advisor is TEC's online software evaluation and selection system. It's designed to help you manage and make sense of the massive amount of information you'll gather during your selection project, without ever losing sight of your business requirements—so you can choose the best solution for your organization's unique needs.

Here's how it works:

1. Define Your Business Needs and Choose Solutions to Evaluate

Start by answering a short questionnaire to define your high-level business needs. Based on your answers, TEC Advisor analyzes TEC's detailed vendor solution data and provides a list of vendors suitable for in-depth analysis.

2. Prioritize Your Requirements

Once you have a long list of solutions to compare, you can use one of TEC's standard models of enterprise software features and functions to prioritize your business needs.

Simply indicate how important each feature or function is—on a scale ranging from “Not Important” to “Critical”— to create a profile of your ideal solution.

Later, you can add pricing information in order to factor costs—from licensing, to implementation, to service and support—into your decision.

3. Compare and Short-list Solutions

After defining your requirements, you can see how each solution measures up and then add the highest ranking solutions to your short list.

From high-level overviews of broad feature areas to support for individual functions, you can instantly see which solutions come closest to your ideal, which ones fall short, and why.

TEC Advisor already contains detailed information about the solutions you're comparing, so you don't need to spend time poring over spec sheets or wading through Web sites. And because our vendor information is based on the same feature/function models that you use to define your requirements, you can be sure that you and the vendors are speaking the same language.


4. Analyze Short-listed Solutions in Detail

TEC Advisor is powered by the ebestmatch decision support engine. Using patented algorithms, ebestmatch allows you to compare your short-listed solutions in depth and find the best-fit solution for your requirements.

The results of the ebestmatch analysis are displayed in the TEC Advisor interface as easy-to-use graphs and charts that update in real time. And because your requirement set is always accessible, you can analyze solutions at any level of detail.

  • What-if scenario analysis lets you see how the rank for each solution changes if you adjust your priorities.
  • Straightforward product comparisons give you a global view of how all of your short-listed solutions compare to one another.
  • A Product Differences analysis lets you set any solution as a baseline to see where the other solutions outperform it and where they fall short.
  • Sensitivity analysis shows you how the ranking of your short-listed solutions changes as different features and functions are deemed more or less important.

5. Report Your Findings

At any stage of your selection project, you can quickly generate detailed reports—complete with supporting graphs and charts—that you can use to keep stakeholders up-to-date and justify your decision.

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