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Five Ways to Increase Efficiencies with SuccessFactors Performance & Goals

Source: SuccessFactors
Technologies can streamline existing processes (which are often paper-based in small to medium-size businesses), making the process faster, reviews more effective, goals much clearer, and results easier to track. Leverage more efficient and effective performance and goal management processes in your small to medium-size business by following these five steps.

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Unlocking Human Potential through Human Capital Alignment

Most businesses have invested in an arsenal of strategic and operational tools to deliver sustained corporate productivity. Their investments in structure, process, and systems yield benefits in the near term but for some companies, this advantage levels off fairly quickly.

Clearly, organizations need a new engagement model to build business agility and sustain productivity. Companies need to recognize, cultivate, and channel the inner motivation of individual workers as a source of organizational creativity, innovation, and employee engagement towards corporate goals.

Learn how a more holistic view of individual engagement in the workplace can raise organizational energy and deliver a sustained boost in individual productivity.

How to Build a Business Case for Your HCM's Investment

With the pressure of global competition, a dearth of talent, and teetering employer-employee relationships due to constant change in the business environment, organizations today must regard their human capital as an asset deserving of continual investment. To receive organization-wide endorsement and financial approval for new investments in a strategic human resources (HR) solution requires a thorough business case that pinpoints all the costs, potential benefits, and even project risks.

This document provides clear guidelines for building an internal business case for implementing an automated human capital management (HCM) solution.

15 Top-paying Certifications for 2015

To gain refined skills and expertise and to increase pay, many IT professionals choose to pursue a certification.

This report offers a list of the 15 top-paying certifications for 2015. Certifications in IT security, networking, and systems management are at the top of the certification pay scale. What may surprise you are the business-related certifications holding their own on this year's list.

IT professionals may wish to consider their current skill set and see if a related skill or a management skill may help power their career to the next level.

2015 IT Skills & Salary Report

Though IT and business professionals have limited, if any, control over the direction their organizations pursue, they do have the power to influence the value they bring to the organization. When it comes to new skills, adding to one’s acumen not only improves on-the-job effectiveness but also opens the door for increased compensation. Certifications are still seen as valuable within professional communities served by IT and non-IT professionals. This trend is unlikely to change as the pace of technological innovation and market forces continue to demand new ways of thinking and executing. Download this report to learn more about the details of this survey research.

2015 Compensation Best Practices Report

The 2015 Compensation Best Practices Report reveals companies are struggling to keep pace with a red hot talent market. Download this report and learn how your peers feel about attracting and retaining top talent, transparent wage policies, the number one reason people leave medium and large organizations, and the importance of HR technology like compensation management software.