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Why Project ERP Solutions Often Fall Short

Source: Technology Evaluation Centers
In a recent study conducted by IFS North America, where ERP manufacturing professionals of middle- to large-market manufacturers were asked about their ERP solutions, more than one-third of respondents indicated that they have no integration between their project management software and their enterprise system, even though the great majority consider the use of set projects to manage tasks and procedures to be a necessity. IFS's Charles Rathmann explains the study's key findings regarding existing issues in project management functionality in ERP systems, and how to use this information for making smarter ERP purchasing decisions.

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Why CFOs Must Lead the Charge to Modernize the Business—Now

Enterprises need greater transparency into the streams of data illuminating imminent market opportunities and market risks. They need systems that scale in step with the organization’s organic and inorganic growth. They need technology assisting a more intimate customer relationship.

This white paper posits that it’s up to the chief financial officer (CFO) to work with IT to modernize the business before the consequences of inaction impact the enterprise.

Also outlined are five reasons that CFOs should lead the push towards modernization of business processes and software, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business intelligence (BI).

ERP Software Review: Adeaca's Advanced Projects for Microsoft Dynamics AX

This enterprise resource planning (ERP) software report examines ERP for services software by Adeaca for Microsoft Dynamics AX. It assesses Adeaca’s Advanced Projects for Microsoft Dynamics AX, looking at ERP software functionality, its potential for project-driven companies, and more.

According to Elliott Ichimura, Microsoft Global Service Industries Director, “Adeaca is one of only five Global AX ISVs [independent software vendors] engaging service industries worldwide.”

TEC senior ERP analyst Ted Rohm reviews Adeaca’s Advanced Projects, using the TEC Focus Indicator to see how the ERP for services software compares to the industry average in key functionality criteria. These include:

  • Portfolio and project management
  • Resource planning and scheduling
  • Opportunity, contact, and contract management
  • Time and expense management
Take a peek at the Advanced Projects ERP solution with visual glimpses at the portfolio performance dashboard and advanced planning screens.

Download the full ERP for services software report for Adeaca’s Advanced Projects for Microsoft Dynamics AX for in-depth analyst assessment, commentary on using Advanced Projects versus a more traditional ERP setup, and comparison visualization.

ERP Software Review: Infor M3

This enterprise resource planning (ERP) software review report examines ERP software by Infor and its support for ERP processes against known benchmarks. It assesses Infor M3 for ERP functionality for discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, mixed-mode manufacturing, engineer-to-order manufacturing, and fashion industries, as well as for accounting functionality. This ERP software review considers the product's support capacity for functionality such as:

  • Manufacturing management
  • Inventory management
  • Quality management
  • Purchasing management
  • Sales management
  • Financials
TEC senior analyst Aleksey Osintsev reviewed Infor M3 in action and offers up his insight on its pertinent features including the workflow, ease of use and user interface and outlines Infor's implementation process, support model, and target user base.

Infor M3 is a full-scale and functionally rich ERP software solution suitable for many types of manufacturing and distribution businesses—in particular complex manufacturing, fashion, distribution, chemicals, equipment, and food and beverage—oriented toward medium-sized to large global companies with multi-language, multi-company, and multi-currency requirements.

According to Osintsev's review, Infor M3 is a thoroughly modern product that demonstrates good support for business requirements in a multi-everything type of manufacturing and distribution environment.

Download this ERP software review report for product analysis, comparison, and in-depth commentary, and to learn more about how Infor M3 can help manufacturing and distribution businesses with complex structures.

ERP Service Provider Review: Godlan, Inc.

The Godlan ERP service provider review looks at how Godlan, Inc. was rated by five of its real-life customers. Godlan is an Infor partner based out Michigan that specializes in implementation and consulting of Infor CloudSuite Industrial, as well as other services, primarily for customers in the manufacturing arena.

Godlan has received accreditation from Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) for completing the software services provider review process. The review process is based on client satisfaction survey ratings provided to TEC by five of Godlan’s client references. Two of these clients are in aerospace/defense equipment manufacturing; one is in design and packaging; one is in industrial products manufacturing; and the last one is in medical device manufacturing. The survey evaluated the ERP service provider on five main measures: overall satisfaction; quality of services received; quality of service delivery and support; quality of maintenance (post-implementation); and overall project evaluation for these five real-life software upgrade and implementation projects.

Godlan has more than 26 years of experience handling Infor CloudSuite Industrial software services, and has built a strong relationship with the software vendor over the years. The Infor Gold Partner and 2015 Top 100 VAR (ERP and Financial) provides pre-sales support, ERP software implementation support, technical support through the implementation process, and best practices consulting services. It has also amassed extensive experience in discrete manufacturing industries, specifically make-to-order and configurable products.

Get the full results of the client satisfaction survey on Godlan, Inc. in the Godlan ERP service provider review.

Evolving Cloud Strategies

As recently as five to ten years ago, enterprise resource planning (ERP) could easily have been called the last bastion of resistance to the cloud and software as a service (SaaS). Attitudes have changed.

In this report, Mint Jutras references data collected from its 2015 Enterprise Solution Study, which investigated goals, challenges, and status, and also benchmarked performance of enterprise software implementations used to actually run a business.