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Is Your ERP System Built for Your Industry?

Source: Edgewater Fullscope
Most ERP applications have three major components: manufacturing, distribution, and finance. For process manufacturing, quality management is so embedded in all the processes that it also becomes a core requirement. This white paper discusses the process manufacturing paradigm and provides a guideline for any process manufacturing company that needs to identify ERP system requirements most suitable for their business.

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Enabling the Modern Business Through IT: How Cloud ERP Can Help Meet Rapidly Evolving Business Needs

As the pace of innovation accelerates, customer needs change and industries converge, many companies find it challenging for their information technology to support the rapidly changing needs of the business. Pressure is mounting for IT to find ways to support modern business innovation and agility.

This white paper from Accenture looks at the potential of cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) to help evolve enterprise’s IT infrastructure, increasing flexibility and agility in support of the modern, innovative business.

ERP Software Review: Infor M3

This enterprise resource planning (ERP) software review report examines ERP software by Infor and its support for ERP processes against known benchmarks. It assesses Infor M3 for ERP functionality for discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, mixed-mode manufacturing, engineer-to-order manufacturing, and fashion industries, as well as for accounting functionality. This ERP software review considers the product's support capacity for functionality such as:

  • Manufacturing management
  • Inventory management
  • Quality management
  • Purchasing management
  • Sales management
  • Financials
The report also contains an independent analyst’s review of the ERP software based on a demonstration provided by Infor. The review describes pertinent features of Infor M3 including the workflow and support of ERP processes and ease of use and user interface of the solution. The analyst also outlines the software provider’s implementation process, support model, and target user base.

Infor M3 is a full-scale and functionally rich ERP software solution suitable for many types of manufacturing and distribution businesses—in particular complex manufacturing, fashion, distribution, chemicals, equipment, and food and beverage—oriented toward medium-sized to large global companies with multi-language, multi-company, and multi-currency requirements.

Infor achieved TEC certification status for its Infor M3 software solution by completing TEC’s certification program, which includes a demonstration of the ERP software’s support for specific real-world business process and a detailed functional benchmarking analysis.

Based on a demonstration of Infor M3, a TEC analyst has assessed the ERP software’s features and evaluated the software against known industry benchmarks, to determine that Infor M3 is a thoroughly modern product that demonstrates good support for business requirements in a multi-everything type of manufacturing and distribution environment.

Download this ERP software review report for product analysis, comparison, and in-depth commentary, and to learn more about how Infor M3 can help manufacturing and distribution businesses with complex structures.

5 Tips for Managing Food and Beverage Supply Chain

The high-volume, transaction-intensive nature of food and beverage supply chain logistics presents significant challenges. When raw materials, ingredients and manufactured products have a limited shelf life, managing supply chain becomes increasingly difficult. By following these five strategies, you can take the challenges out of your food and beverage supply chain.

YASH Technologies for ERP Software Implementation Services: Accreditation Report

This software services provider review consists of how YASH Technologies, an enterprise software services provider of SAP solutions integration and business process optimization, fared in the eyes of three of their client references.

YASH Technologies received accreditation from Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) for completing the software services provider review process. The review process is based on client satisfaction survey ratings provided to TEC by three of YASH Technologies’ client references. The survey evaluated the overall satisfaction, quality of services received, and overall project evaluation of three real-life software implementation projects.

YASH Technologies helps organizations find the best way to conduct ERP implementation and application management services for a wide range of industries, including wholesale distribution, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods (CPG), chemical, and high tech. As a certified SAP Partner Center of Expertise, YASH Technologies provides certified All-in-One prepackaged industry ERP solutions, each custom designed to match the unique needs of industry specific companies, and each able to be rapidly configured and implemented. It also provides services such as logistics, maintenance, quality control, purchasing, and others.

Get the full results of the client satisfaction survey on YASH Technologies in this ERP software services provider review.

ERP Software Review: NetSuite ERP for Small Business Software

As the world’s most deployed cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, NetSuite ERP serves the business needs of more than 24,000 organizations in about 160 countries. The system caters to various vertical industries and targets the needs of small businesses.

NetSuite ERP is a comprehensive software system that outcompetes many software solutions in the small business software (SBS) space. Nearly all its functionality features are key differentiators in the SBS space. These functionality sets include job and project costing, fixed assets, budgeting, inventory, sales management, manufacturing, among others.

TEC Senior ERP analyst Ted Rohm reviewed NetSuite ERP in action and offers up his insight on the usefulness of the product in the SBS market. Read the report to learn about the new features in the latest version—Version 2014 Release 2—such as new procurement and financial enhancements. You’ll also learn about the reporting, workflow, and social capabilities that offer a complete platform to support your business processes. Additionally, you’ll be apprised of the dashboard and user interface improvements that provide an interactive and powerful user experience—and a whole lot more.

If you’re looking for a complete ERP system to run your small business, you should definitely consider NetSuite ERP. And having the ERP system in the cloud means that your business can focus on what’s important—garnering more business and delivering on that, and not spending precious resources supporting the underlying software systems.