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Key Challenges Facing Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers and What They Must Do To Survive

Source: Sunrise Technologies
Consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers face pressures from fickle consumers, powerful retailers, globalization, and more. The CPG manufacturing industry is large and thriving, but margins are slim and competition is furious. There are hundreds of product categories, and to compete, firms must constantly innovate. See how small-to-medium CPG manufacturers can survive in the face of these external pressures and fewer resources?

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Make Omnichannel Retail Profitable: Start with Gaining Visibility into Total Global Demand

How can you ensure that your omnichannel retailing strategy is a way to profitable business? This paper discusses how omnichannel retailing is changing the requirement for effective merchandise and inventory management and identifies areas of opportunity for increasing revenue and lowering costs, through gaining visibility into total global demand. Find out how retailers can use technology to harvest, analyze, plan, and track demand better.

Keeping Score: Evolving Wholesale Credit on a Maturity Model

The inner workings of a global financial institution can contain literally hundreds of systems in which credit risk is recorded. This risk may be managed with dozens of different, disparate systems, which can appear to be an overwhelming and resource-intensive process. This is where a maturity model comes into play. A maturity model scorecard provides banks with a single point of reference to understand what they are, where they wish to go, some practical ideas about where to start, and how to do it most cost-effectively.

How Is Regulatory Stress-testing Shaping the Future for Banks?

Out of the shortcomings exposed in banks’ traditional risk management processes during the recent global financial crisis comes the critical need for improvement. One particular high-profile risk management requirement is enterprise stress-testing, and it is subject to additional regulatory burdens and wider scrutiny. Stress-testing is moving the banking industry into more involved and invasive analysis. Find out how.

Practical Considerations for ORSA Modeling

While there is no doubt that the Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) presents challenges technically, it should be reassuring to businesses to see there are solutions available which can meet their stringent requirements. This paper highlight ways that businesses can supplement existing technology to ready themselves for the ORSA now and protect themselves against the future.

DEACOM ERP for Process Manufacturing Certification Report

DEACOM ERP's single system and code model is unique in the ERP marketplace, and has allowed Deacom to offer an ERP solution that is robust yet flexible, making it easily adaptable and simple for customers to use and maintain. Version 15 of DEACOM ERP is a significant milestone in the evolution of the solution, with the system’s architecture moved completely to the Microsoft technology stacks and an improved user experience. DEACOM ERP has been TEC certified in the process manufacturing space—download the certification report now for in-depth product analysis and a comprehensive functionality comparison.