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Total Cost of Goods Shipped: A Guide to Better Sourcing Decisions

Source: Pronto Software Limited
To increase profits, companies are searching for ways to reduce costs or sell more at the highest possible price. Many companies are turning to imported goods and materials due to lower manufacturing costs, but this can involve many hidden costs. In this paper, PM War Stories and Pronto Software examines how to effectively track the total cost of goods shipped to aid executives in making faster, better sourcing decisions.

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TEC 2015 Certification Report NetSuite ERP Discrete Manufacturing

The NetSuite ERP suite boasts a number of firsts. It was the first enterprise solution to be offered in the cloud, and it is currently the number 1 cloud business software solution available on the market. As the world’s most deployed cloud ERP system, NetSuite ERP caters to a number of vertical industries, including discrete manufacturing.

NetSuite ERP is a comprehensive solution that has been designed to meet all the business requirements of a manufacturing company producing discrete products. The solution therefore affords discrete-product manufacturers capabilities such as global multi-plant and multi-site management, materials production planning, demand planning and forecasting, costing, shop floor, and project-based manufacturing. It also addressed financial, marketing, as well as sales needs.

NetSuite’s goal in its product is to provide manufacturers with an innovative, comprehensive product to help them smoothly run their operations, make intelligent and informed decisions, and delight their customers.

In the TEC Certification Report you’ll get an in-depth look at the product’s redesigned user interface, which is based on 3 years of research with customers, dashboards and portlet improvements, and other notable improvements in the procurement, financials, accounting, supply chain, and other manufacturing realms.

Find out how NetSuite ERP compares with solutions on the market in the major functionality areas for ERP for discrete manufacturing—and how it can support your all current business processes.

Why Aerospace and Defense Maintenance Needs Mobile MRO

Aerospace and defense (A&D) maintenance and sustainment do not take place in an office, or any other stable environment. Even when software vendors take into account the need for mobile access to software used to maintain and sustain assets in the field, they may not be taking into account the context within which the software is used.

This white paper looks at different ways enterprise software is used to sustain and support military assets. Also examined are different types of mobile access required in different settings, and how enterprise software must evolve accordingly.

Living in the Cloud: How Cloud-Based Applications are Changing Business

The cloud, or cloud computing, can mean many different things to different people. The cloud is a connected universe that enables a quick method of scaling up capacities and business results with little expense relative to people, hardware, and software licenses.

This brief from Roadnet Technologies looks at the advantages of cloud computing, including saving on personnel, hardware, and software expense. Also discussed is the security that can be achieved with cloud computing. The brief specifically looks at advantages to routing and dispatching applications in the cloud.

Enriching Your Customer Experience with Proactive Customer Communications

Proactive customer communications (PCC) is any outbound communications solution that delivers proactive notifications, alerts, or other messages. Done right, PCC turns often-dreaded telemarketing calls or ignored direct mail into important alerts and updates.

Today, PCC is being used across industries, including financial services, telecom and utilities, travel and hospitality, healthcare, retail, and pharmaceuticals. PCC can help businesses in many industries and of all sizes deliver greater value across the end-to-end customer journey and build brand loyalty.

Highly personalizing PCC is key in making it effective and relevant to the customers it needs to reach. This white paper looks at key factors that drive the use of PCC services, such as using varied communications channels, and preference management.

Combating Showrooming: How Retailers Can Use Mobile to Enhance the Shopper Experience

For retailers, current technology advancement means increased in-store and online competition, readily available product information and reviews, and increased purchase decisions. Consumers have much more information at their fingertips while in a brick-and-mortar store. The rise of the mobile shopper has brought showrooming into a new age.

This white paper outlines some factors a smart shopper is looking for and how a retailer can adapt to changes in shopping behavior to make the most of showrooming activities.