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How Analytics Bring Organizations Closer to Their Customers

Source: King Fish Media
Social media is providing organizations with a plethora of data about their customers. This paper explains how to leverage business intelligence software and advanced analytics to change the way business is conducted. The end goal should be to personalize marketing messages in a way that allows organizations to narrowly target specific customers based on the knowledge of the customer they already have.

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The 8 Worst Practices in Master Data Management and How to Avoid Them

The road to a successful master data management (MDM) program can be full of detours and dead ends. In this white paper, Dan Power and Julie Hunt from Hub Designs identify the eight worst practices when planning and designing a MDM and data governance program, and show you to get it right.

The Guide to Why Individual Health Insurance Costs Employees Less than Group Health Insurance

On average, individual health insurance costs employees less than group health insurance. And as of 2014, there are new advantages to individual health insurance.

For these reasons leading experts agree that defined contribution paired with individual health insurance is the future of small business health insurance. Why does individual health insurance cost less? What are the new advantages? Why does this matter to small businesses?

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The Small Business Guide to Individual Health Insurance Reimbursement: How to Save 20% to 60% by Switching to Individual Health Insurance

Nationwide, small businesses are switching to individual health insurance reimbursement to offer excellent health benefits at a controllable cost.

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  • Three key advantages of individual health insurance
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10 Reasons Small Businesses Are Switching to Individual Health Insurance

A quiet revolution is changing health insurance in America—individual health insurance has become an affordable option for small business and its employees.

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Disposing of Digital Debris: Information Governance Strategy and Practice in Action

Information governance (IG)—a critical, cross-functional discipline—focuses on reducing an organization’s data footprint in a controlled and defensible manner. The core of a successful IG program is the automation of repeatable and defensible policies and processes with supporting technology, and people accountable for the transformation.

The need to have a coherent IG program and to begin deletion of digital debris is more pressing now than ever, as data continues to proliferate in volume, velocity, variety, and variability.