Cómo mejorar la eficiencia y la efectividad de las organizaciones a través de las tecnologías BPM

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En este documento, muestra cómo las tecnologías BPM ofrecen el motor idóneo para aumentar los niveles de productividad y competitividad de forma continua, facilitando la adopción de una estrategia para gestionar de forma unificada personas, sistemas y contenidos a través de los procesos, algo que asegura la mejora de la eficiencia y a la efectividad.

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Skelta BPM and High Availability

Companies are now adopting cloud for hosting their business process management (BPM) tools. BPM on cloud can help control costs, optimize business processes, and improve organizational agility all while achieving a high level of service availability.

High availability is a system design approach for analyzing and managing the impact of planned and unplanned outages. High availability solutions provide a robust backup capability so that applications keep running without disruption, even during system outages.

A robust BPM solution, which is agile as well as responsive to changing business needs, is very much required to deliver reliable and highly available services. This whitepaper discusses high availability (HA) in conjunction with BPM and cloud computing, including the benefits of highly available BPM solutions, and examines how Skelta BPM enables high availability.  Ver más...

How is a BPM Project Achieved?

How can business process management (BPM) optimize business outcomes and performance?

BPM efforts have not been adopted as much as expected in the past decade, and process agility for operational excellence is still a distant goal for many enterprises. Extensibility issues and a lack of road maps are issues, as well as a series of economic events and general market instability that have redirected the spotlight to process optimization as the key to a sustainable profit model.

This white paper looks at some best practice approaches and pitfalls to avoid for optimal business results, and provides a framework for choosing “the right BPM project” for organizations. Nine critical challenges in adopting a core BPM approach are discussed, and several steps leading up to a successful BPM rollout for optimized business outputs are also given. The main risks associated with a BPM project implementation are then looked at.

Read this white paper for a concise and clear examination of the place of business process management in today’s competitive business performance landscape, and tips to help with successful implementation and management of BPM projects within organizations from the discovery stage right through to deployment.  Ver más...

Model Driven BPM: How BPM Enables a Higher Level of Business Agility

Enterprises have to demonstrate business innovation while being responsive to customer wants and needs in today’s competitive marketplace. Business process management (BPM) software can help companies to streamline and optimize business processes for increased efficiency and reduced downtime.

Organizations using BPM can increase ROI and achieve operational excellence through reengineering business processes with the help of BPM software.

Model driven BPM is the next wave in enterprise BPM approaches, and allows organizations to deliver on the premise of application modernization intelligently and effectively. A model driven BPM approach brings lesser complexity for the line of business (LOB) stakeholders, faster development times for IT, quicker response times for business process changes, lower costs, and better collaboration between LOB and IT.

This white paper examines how model driven BPM lets organizations prepare and build for change rather than invest in traditional development techniques that can be resource intensive, expensive, and time consuming. The paper covers the challenges facing enterprises today and drivers for enterprise agility, then takes a deeper look at model driven BPM and its benefits.

How can BPM enable a higher level of business agility and deliver on the premise of intelligent process management driving operational excellence? The answer likely lies in a model driven framework, to integrate disparate systems and drastically cut down the time to create, improve, and optimize functional business process models that help the enterprise adapt to dynamic market conditions.  Ver más...

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Haciendo realidad la estrategia

En el ambiente competitivo de los negocios de hoy, todas las empresas trabajan diligentemente en el análisis de alternativas y en la creación de una estrategia de negocio que les otorgue una ventaja competitiva. Sin embargo, una vez definida la estrategia, nueve de diez organizaciones fracasan en la efectividad de su implementación. Ver más...

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