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Gestión de activos Informes de evaluación de software

Gestión de los activos empresariales (EAM/CMMS) Reporte de evaluación de software

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3146 Criteria + Vendor Responses

The EAM Software Evaluation Report is geared toward groups that need to analyze requirements for a system, which supports maintenance management tasks. Asset management systems typically enable planning, controlling, and monitoring of physical asset events. This Software Evaluation Report includes criteria for comparing general computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) functionality, fleet maintenance, workflow, reporting, and other areas that touch upon asset management practices.

Identificación por radio frecuencia (RFID) Reporte de evaluación de software

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185 Criteria + Vendor Responses

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Software Evaluation Report covers criteria for tags and storage devices, readers, wireless hubs and servers, and the middleware necessary for evaluating an RFID system deployment. RFID systems are used in different situations that require the tracking of unique items. RFID tags, in the context of enterprise resource planning and supply chain management, make items visible from manufacturing through distribution. RFID tags may be used to carry basic information such as an address, to more complex information used at different stages of an assembly line.

Sistemas de gestión de almacenes (WMS) Reporte de evaluación de software

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1085 Criteria + Vendor Responses

A warehouse management system (WMS) should provide database and user-level tools in order for a company to optimize its storage facilities while at the same time providing user level task direction and activity support. The WMS should enable warehouse operators to optimize pick, put-away, and replenishment functions by employing powerful system logic to select the best locations and sequences.

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