Evaluation Centers TEC's Evaluation Centers can help you select your next enterprise software system the right way. Use TEC's Evaluation Centers to make rational, justifiable software selections more quickly and cost-effectively than by using traditional methods.
Evaluation Centers FAQ Learn more about TEC's methodology and how TEC's Evaluation Centers work. You'll also find explanations of many of the terms commonly used in the business of software selection.
Interactive Case Studies TEC Interactive Case Studies give you an inside look at real-world software selection projects. Find out which vendors won, and what tipped the scales in their favor. Use TEC Advisor to analyze the data for yourself.
Project Portal Sign in to access TEC's decision support system.
ROI Calculator Smart managers understand that knowing ROI is a key to success in many situations. ROI is a factor in making strategy and other major decisions, buying and selling complex products and services, and participating in projects both as a project manager and as a key stakeholder or contributor.
ERGO Decision Support System ERGO is a stand-alone, general-purpose decision support system (DSS) designed to help you simplify any kind of complex decision.
TEC Advisor TEC Advisor is an online software evaluation and selection system.