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Les produits, les projets, les processus et les personnes : Les 4 P de l’analyse des données en GCVP
Les produits, les projets, les processus et les personnes représentent les quatre domaines de l’analyse des données en GCVP. Ces domaines aident les

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Systèmes de devis à la commande (Q2O)

Les solutions de devis-commande (Quote-to-Order en anglais ou Q2O) permettent aux fabricants de mobiliser leurs initiatives de personnalisation de masse. Ces systèmes simplifient les processus de devis et de commandes qui prennent beaucoup de temps, réduisent les coûts par unité et diminuent les coûts des ventes. Les suites de Q2O peuvent aider les entreprises à augmenter l'efficacité de leurs ventes dans tous les circuits de distribution. Ces solutions aident les compagnies qui vendent des produits et des services complexes à mettre l'accent sur la résolution de problèmes de service et de vente directement avec le client. 

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Brewing Up a Better Schedule for a Product with Many Variables

For the coffee producer Mother Parkers, scheduling coffee production across two plants was an ever-increasing challenge. Mother Parkers decided to take proactive steps toward consolidating its day-to-day scheduling data by engaging Supply Chain Consultants (SCC) to help. SCC applied its scheduling algorithms to improve schedule attainment, visibility, and stability—exactly what Mother Parkers needed.

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Can a Mobile App Get You a Job Interview?

Serendipity, in addition to actual qualifications and experience, plays a major role in a job search. Indeed, scoring an interview increases one’s chances of impressing (or not) a potential employer. But how do you win that face time? Candidates struggle to distinguish themselves, while recruiting managers wade through the hundreds of cut-and-dried resumes they receive each day. In the interest

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ILM as a Journey: Moving Towards Storage as a Service

Technology decision-making in larger organizations is about making existing IT platforms as efficient as possible. However, there are weaknesses in the day-to-day operation of such environments, particularly in storage and information management. Positioning information lifecycle management (ILM) in the context of infrastructure management provides an understanding of where we are today—and of how much further there is to go.

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A Veteran Enterprise Resource Planning Vendor Makes a SaaS-y Statement

Glovia International has launched the first full-fledged and versatile, manufacturing-oriented solution that is an on-demand, enterprise resource planning software-as-a-service application. Its solution is good news for small and medium businesses in more ways than one.

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Les méthodes que les compagnies aériennes peuvent utiliser pour arrêter de se faire mutiler par les coûts d’entretien

Les grands transporteurs doivent aussi gérer des processus complexes entre les services qui sont souvent pris en charge par un ensemble de capacités limitées ainsi que par des solutions de contournement externes. Lisez cet article pour comprendre comment réduire les coûts associés à cette planification importante d’actifs en mouvement.

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Software as a Service: A Cheaper, Faster Way to Access Applications

The dismal economy hasn't been bad news for all segments of the IT industry. The market for applications delivered in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model is increasing thanks to customers who seek better/more targeted functionality, quicker deployment/access, lower up-front and ongoing cost, and ease of use. Learn why SaaS has a history of thriving in down cycles, and what to look for in a SaaS solution.

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A Step-by-step Guide to Securing Your Apache Web Server with a Digital Certificate

Testing, installing, and using a digital certificate on your Apache Web server can benefit your business by addressing online security issues. If your system’s security is maximized, your customers can feel more confident about using your site to perform transactions. Get the lowdown on best practices for setup to help you ensure efficient management of your encryption keys and digital signatures.

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Aperçu des solutions de gestion de contenu offertes par EMC Documentum pour l'année 2012

La gamme de produits d'EMC Documentum comprend un éventail d'applications de gestion de contenu, de gestion de cas et de gestion de la gouvernance. Le présent rapport donne un aperçu de la direction vers laquelle EMC Documentum oriente tel ou tel produit ou service. Il évalue également dans quelle mesure cette direction est liée aux exigences que les utilisateurs peuvent avoir, pour ce qui est de leurs projets de gestion de contenu.

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Will a Tool Manufacturer and a Supply Chain Software Vendor "Click" in Matrimony?

The merger of traditional brick-and-mortar manufacturer Illinois Tool Works with Internet-based Click Commerce is puzzling, but has some method to the madness. Only time will tell how easily and tightly their tools will "click" with each other.

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Taking Innovation from a Buzzword to a Business Standard

Companies realize that innovation can mean the difference between effectively growing or transforming their business and falling behind. But for a company to thrive in today’s environment, innovation has to be seen as more than a clichéd talking point. It has to be a key part of the company’s core business processes. Download this interview with Eric Verniaut, SAP’s head of North America services, to find out how innovation has helped services delivery models to evolve.

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