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Infor Epiphany
Infor@s CRM solution provides the tools your company needs to engage customers in a multi-channel, closed-loop dialogue that nurtures their loyalty to your

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Gestion de la performance d'entreprise (BPM)
Business performance management (BPM) enables organizations to translate strategies into plans, monitor execution, and provide insight needed to manage and improve financial and operational perf...
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Documents connexes » resumes arithmetiques diables

Veille économique (BI)
Business intelligence (BI) and performance management applications are decision support tools that enable real time, interactive access, analysis, and

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IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
@IBM Cognos Business Intelligence delivers the complete range of business intelligence (BI) capabilities on a single service-oriented architecture (SOA). @

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Le décompte des 5 tendances en technologie des RH
Récession ou non, les technologies des RH continuent d’innover; modifiant ainsi notre façon de travailler. Tandis que plusieurs nouvelles solutions sont

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Clientele CRM.NET
Clientele from Epicor Software is an integrated CRM system. Clientele quickly captures, routes, organizes, and stores the information that comes out of all

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Cisco tente de mettre en cache en en achetant logiciel de mise en Tasmanie Réseaux
Cisco Systems a déclaré qu'il a accepté d'acheter démarrage Tasmanie Network Systems dans une transaction boursière valeur de 25 millions de dollars.

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Infor ION Business Intelligence
Infor ION BI solutions build on the universally familiar spreadsheet interface to streamline and accelerate the process of gathering, analyzing, and

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Recruiting Trends: 4 Methods for Finding the Right Talent
When it comes to finding the right talent, today’s organizations have plenty of options. With the increasing popularity of social networking, however, companies

resumes arithmetiques diables  departments track job openings, resumes, candidates, and contacts. 3. Employee Screening and Background Checks The reference check of the past has evolved into a thorough background check on all job applicants’ criminal history and work records, including current and past employment, performance, attendance, and reasons for leaving a job. In high-security positions or positions of trust (e.g., in schools, hospitals, airports, or government), employee screening is a must. Depending on the type of Pour en savoir plus
PeopleSoft - Catching Its Second Wind From The Internet Part 1: About PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft, once a high flyer owing to its congenial culture and slick ERP product, has invested two years and over a half billion dollars to develop a number

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Web Application Security: The Truth about White Box Testing versus Black Box Testing
Information security managers, quality assurance staff, and developers are faced with the enormous responsibility of keeping Web applications secure from the

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