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PLM Coming of Age: ERP Vendors Take Notice
With a PLM solution in place, a company has the ability to automate, monitor, and track product development and revision processes with their customers

revision employe echantillon  track product development and revision processes with their customers, suppliers, and employees amid the increasing pressures of mass customization, globalization, regulatory compliance, increased outsourcing, and product accountability, to name some market driving forces. The need for shorter product life cycles is being driven by competitive pressures, customer demand, and the need to cut operating expenses. In that regard, PLM products should give manufacturers the tools to collaborate with trading Pour en savoir plus

INFIMACS Becoming Ever More RELEVANT For Project-Based Industries. Part 2: Market Impact and User Re
The current market trend industry-wide is towards vendors that can provide comprehensive solutions for medium-sized companies. Relevant seems to have a fair

revision employe echantillon  if any given part revision can be mixed in inventory with other revisions or shipped for a particular order. Each Revision Level indicates, on a scale from 1-99, a specific item's fitness for inventory mixing or shipment. During an issue or shipment, the ERP reviews whether or not the fitness number associated with the location allows specific items to be placed into inventory or shipped. As products are revised over their lifecycles, certain combinations of features will not coexist properly. Using the Pour en savoir plus
Gestion de portefeuille de projets (GPP/PPM) - Intraentreprise
A business practice that assists organizations to align their portfolio of projects with their business strategy. Typically IT departments employ an IT governance framework to ensure that their PPM...
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Documents connexes » revision employe echantillon

Using ERP to Deliver E-commerce for Engineer-to-order Companies
Engineer-to-order (ETO) companies can use e-commerce strategies in order to improve customer service, reduce waste, and increase profits through a lean approach

revision employe echantillon  for documents, and with revision control on project documents. Doing away with this nonproductive is one way to drive lean benefits in ETO. Value of Integration There are essentially two approaches to collaboration portals. One involves the use of third-party software or Web applications that are separate from an ERP application. These tools may have their place, but for ETO they fail to solve some of the major challenges of collaborating with diverse parties in high-value projects where mistakes due to Pour en savoir plus
PDMLynx from NuVentures is a product data management tool designed for small to medium-sized engineering and manufacturing businesses. part numbers, bills of

revision employe echantillon  are all managed under revision control in a fully automated ECO process. PDMLynx manages virtually any type of document including the support of the complex interrelated files commonly used in CAD/CAM driven designs. What services does PDMLynx provide? - Productivity improvements through automated management of product data. - Centralized product data information. - One, simple data source for your entire organization to access. - Avoids the expense and burden of broad PLM products that require months of Pour en savoir plus
What Can Aras’ Selection as PLM Enhancement at MAN Diesel & Turbo Tell Us?
While multi-CAD (computer aided design) situations have been a matter of course at large manufacturing organizations, it appears that multi-PLM (product

revision employe echantillon  and document centric)  Advanced revision rules Advanced and flexible in defining users and roles, i.e., access control list (ACL) Ability to be configured and customized Seamless multi-CAD integration and integration with other enterprise systems MAN’s rationale for selecting Aras Innovator was based on the relative ease of customizing Aras, which owes to the product’s modern architecture. Moreover, customizations are protected through upgrades, so users know they can always take advantage of the Pour en savoir plus
Has Consolidation Made the PLM Market More Agile? Part Two: Market Impact
The advent and growth of vendors targeting the needs of discrete manufacturing industries proves that the PLM market in this sector has been hot. Agile Software

revision employe echantillon   specifications, data sheets, and revision history. For strategic sourcing, it includes information such as approved manufacturer lists (AMLs), component pricing, product costing information, and historical cost information. For field support, service, and repair, this includes information such as product service instructions, quality data, and defect data. The suite is comprised of the following solutions: Agile Engineering Collaboration , Agile Product Collaboration , Agile Product Cost Management , Pour en savoir plus
Cincom Systems Launches Advanced Manufacturing ERP Solution
Cincom Systems launches a brand new ERP solution at Microsoft Convergence 2014. Find out what this means for engineer-to-order ERP manufacturers.

revision employe echantillon   management, estimating, project-based planning, revision-based planning, contract management, product data management (PDM), service management, and others. SAP, IFS, Oracle, Epicor, Infor , and other ETO ERP providers should be on alert. Pour en savoir plus
Case Study: Align Technology, Inc.
Planning to expand, Align@a medical device manufacturer@identified electronic document management as a vital component of growth. One goal was to reduce the

revision employe echantillon  always returns the effective revision of any item or document, eliminating document mix-ups, satisfying QSR compliance requirements and eliminating wasted time and resources. A smoother change implementation process has enabled the company to increase efficiency. Using the electronic sign-off process, for example, the change administrator can set a future effective date on change orders, allowing various departments to train their staff before changes become effective in Arena. This means changes are no Pour en savoir plus
Inventory Management Technology Strategies for Distribution
Inventory has been—and continues to be—the lifeblood of the distribution marketplace. While many companies are slow to adopt new strategies and technologies, a

revision employe echantillon  companies)   Inventory Policy Revision/Review Frequencies Another drain on financial performance is that companies’ inventory strategies rarely keep up to date with real-life conditions. Nearly 81% of companies say they update their inventory strategies on a quarterly or less frequent basis. Such infrequency of analysis is not sufficient given today’s global sourcing strategies that create more supply and lead time variability. Aberdeen benchmark results show that above-average inventory performers Pour en savoir plus
Rootstock Software Steps Out on
One of my recent blog posts talked about the emergence of a few natively cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that leverage’s

revision employe echantillon  to such definitions, e.g. revision control and engineering change control. sales order management – with seamless integration to’s Sales Cloud (a.k.a., Saleforce CRM ) and the ability for a user to bring orders in via electronic data interchange (EDI) or e-commerce, plus user controlled entry of customer orders. inventory management – control of inventory including full lot and/or serial controlled items. material requirements planning (MRP) and available to promise (ATP) – a Pour en savoir plus

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