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Business Process Modeling (BPM) Express Selection Project

Take the time to fully understand your business processes so you can make sure that vendors understand them, too.


The bigger your business, the more complicated it is to choose a new software solution. Maybe you're replacing a complicated legacy system, or trying to rationalize an IT infrastructure that's grown significantly, but that wasn't documented appropriately.

Whatever the case, before you can find the solution that will make your business run better, you need to understand how your business runs now.

TEC's BPM Express Selection Project takes a fundamentally different approach to defining and prioritizing your functional and technical requirements—one that puts your business processes first.

Rather than starting with standard functional and technical requirements templates, we review your existing documentation, and interview your key stakeholders and subject-matter experts (SMEs) to identify and document your high-level business processes—in the language of your organization. Then we map those processes to industry-standard software features and functions. The result is a comprehensive requirement set that defines your unique business processes in a way that vendors can more easily understand.

That requirement set is distributed to vendors so they can respond to your unique requirements. We'll review their responses with you, and load them into your Evaluation Center where you can analyze them and set your priorities.

You can display the results of your analysis as graphs and charts, and easily generate reports to document and justify your decision.


We'll also work with you to develop effective software demonstration scripts. You can use them to perform a structured comparison of your shortlisted solutions, focusing on the processes, features, and functionality that are most important for your company.

Your BPM Express Selection Project includes
  • a secure online project portal for your company
  • online access to the appropriate Evaluation Centers (powered by TEC Advisor) for the duration of the project
  • inclusion of up to five vendors in the evaluation and selection phases of your project
  • access to all standard TEC Advisor graphs and reports
  • vendor market data (financial data, product development information, implementations, maintenance and support information, etc.)
  • reference check guidelines
  • interview notes
  • mapping of high-level processes and subprocesses to software features and functions
  • eight hours of training and support services for TEC's software and methodology
  • TEC analyst development of demonstration script
  • ten days of executive interviews and SME interviews

For more information, contact our Selection Services team.

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