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Corporate Research Portal

Conduct ongoing enterprise software research to optimize your IT infrastructure.

TEC Corporate Research Portals are designed to help large organizations engaged in multiple research, evaluation, and selection projects. Subscribing to a Research Portal gives you access to all our Evaluation Centers, functional and technical requirement sets, vendor capabilities, and detailed vendor and product information—so you can research software solutions in depth.

TEC Advisor: the heart of your corporate research portal

Make sense of TEC's vast library of vendor and solution data with our online software evaluation and selection tool.


With access to the TEC research repository, you can
  • conduct an unlimited number of Standard Evaluation and Selection Projects
  • conduct a limited number of Extended Evaluation and Selection Projects
  • create customized request for information (RFI) and request for proposal (RFP) templates
  • create composite requirement sets reflecting a combination of systems or industries
  • develop custom data and reports covering vendors' offerings and corporate backgrounds
  • perform pricing, total cost of ownership (TCO), and value analyses
  • compare vendors using industry benchmarking data
  • optimize the systems that are driving your business as part of a software architecture lifecycle management process
TEC's project managers can teach you how to employ our proven selection methodology, access our research, work with our Evaluation Centers, and support your selection projects.

For more information, contact our Selection Services team.

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