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Standard Evaluation and Selection Project

Quickly develop a short list of vendors for in-depth evaluation. Support your decision with extensive documentation.


TEC's Standard Evaluation and Selection Project is a simple but complete way for you to compare software solutions. We'll provide you with a secure online project portal and access to one of our Evaluation Centers.

There, you can define and prioritize your functional and technical requirements, and compare potential solutions to see which one best supports the features and functions that are most important to you.

You can display the results of your analysis as graphs and charts, and easily generate reports to document and justify your decision.
Take your standard selection project farther with TEC’s Advisory Services.

Get expert guidance and support at any stage of your selection project.


Your Standard Evaluation and Selection Project includes
  • a secure online project portal for your company
  • online access to the TEC Advisor evaluation and selection application
    (powered by ebestmatch) for the duration of the project
  • standard templates for defining your functional and technical requirements
  • vendor responses to TEC's standard functional and technical requirement set
  • access to all standard TEC Advisor graphs and reports
  • two hours of training and support services for TEC's software and methodology

For more information, contact our Selection Services team.

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