Custom Reports

Whether you're preparing for a software selection project, building a business case, or simply trying to get some perspective on the enterprise software landscape, TEC's custom research reports can help you get the information you need. Our analysts and software selection experts can provide insight into industry developments, market trends, vendors, products, business processes, and more.

Here are just a few examples of the custom research reports we provide:

Software Selection Reports

Pricing and Requirements Profile Report—gives you an idea of what your company can expect to pay for a particular type of enterprise software solution, based on what similar companies have paid for similar solutions. It's like a custom buyer's guide developed specifically for your organization, and includes high-level vendor profiles.

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  • Extended Working List Report—analyzes your enterprise software requirements and explains which of the solutions on your long list are more or less appropriate for your company, and why.
  • Customized Knowledge Base Report—provides selection criteria for highly specialized software areas that may not yet be covered in TEC's Evaluation Centers. This report includes an analyst overview of the software area and the selection criteria.

Market Intelligence Reports

  • Vendor Market Data/Viability Report—provides a detailed analysis of a vendor's product(s), corporate background, strengths and weaknesses, product road map, and position in the market. This report goes beyond the bare facts to include extensive analyst insight.
  • Product Data Report—examines all aspects of a vendor's products, discusses the products' strengths and weaknesses, and analyzes what the product road map is likely to be in the near future.
  • Market Overview Report—analyzes a particular software market, the current leaders and losers, and the challenges they face.

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