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At Technology Evaluation Centers, we're dedicated to making software selection easier. From small businesses to large enterprises, we've helped private- and public-sector organizations in a variety of industries research, evaluate, and select best-fit software solutions—quickly, impartially, and cost-effectively.


Our Software Selection Services team can equip you with everything you need to manage your own selection project, or get directly involved to guide you through important project milestones. In either case, you'll benefit from our best-practice selection methodology as you build the foundation for implementation success.

Below, you'll find examples of the services we deliver most often. We can customize any of them to suit your business requirements, budget, timeline, and available resources.
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For Small Businesses

Choosing the right software to run your small business is the key to staying ahead of the competition. TEC's Standard Evaluation and Selection Project can help you quickly conduct a comprehensive software evaluation—even on a limited timeline, or with limited resources. And should you get stuck, our experts are available at any time to guide you through the process.

For small businesses, TEC recommends: Standard Evaluation and Selection Project

Our experts can support your project with: Advisory Services 

For Midsized Businesses

If you run a typical midsized business, you're likely to face many of the same challenges as your Fortune 500 counterparts—from stiff global competition to increased regulatory compliance requirements. TEC's analyst-supported services can help you select the software solutions you need to streamline your business, manage growth effectively, and stay competitive—without compromising your unique business requirements.

For Large and Public-sector Organizations

For large and public-sector organizations, TEC offers a range of selection services designed to work within your existing procurement process.

Whether you're replacing or upgrading legacy systems, or optimizing your existing infrastructure, we can help you ensure that your software selection projects are justifiable, cost-effective, auditable, and in compliance with local, national, and international regulatory and safety standards. We can also adapt our services to multiple facilities, subsidiaries, or divisions, ensuring that each site's requirements are accounted for within a single selection project.

For Consultants

TEC's partner programs for consultants can help your firm add software selection to its services portfolio, handle more software selection projects, or make existing projects more profitable. Partner with TEC and put our research, technology, methodology, and expertise to work for your clients.

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Our Software Selection Services team can help you research, evaluate, and select best-fit software solutions using TEC's Evaluation Centers and best-practice selection methodology.
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