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Software Selection Advisory Services

TEC's advisory services are designed to supplement your Standard, Extended, or BPM Express selection project with on-site support and guidance from our software selection experts. Whether you're having trouble completing a particular phase of the project, facing a shortage of time or resources, or just seeking the involvement of an impartial third party, our advisory services can help keep your project on track.

Project Management

At any stage of your software selection, our project managers can take complete ownership of specific tasks to ensure complete and accurate delivery.

Defining Functional and Technical Requirements

A well-defined requirement set is a critical part of an evaluation and selection project because it lays the foundation for a successful implementation. We can help you define your requirement set to ensure that it reflects all your business needs.
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  • Orientation sessions help establish a project focus, build consensus, and accelerate the research phase of your project. Using a standard functional and technical requirement set template, we work with your project team to define and prioritize your business needs.
  • Requirement set customization lets you build a unique set of functional and technical requirements based on one or more templates. We work with your subject-matter experts (SMEs) to identify, document, and prioritize your company's specific requirements, and generate a custom requirement set document that's ready to be distributed to vendors.

Vendor Demonstration Management

Vendor demonstrations are the best way to find out whether a given solution is good for you, or just good on paper. TEC can help you create demonstration scripts that allow you to judge how well each solution meets your company's needs. We will also help you develop scorecards for accurately rating each vendor's performance.

Once your vendor demonstrations are scheduled, TEC can act as moderator. We'll make sure that the vendors stick to your script and answer all your questions. We can also provide a neutral, third-party assessment of each vendor's performance in order to round out your own assessments.

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