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RFP, Contract, and Price Negotiation Services

Once you narrow down your list of potential solutions to a shortlist of the most likely candidates, TEC can help you develop a comprehensive request for proposal (RFP), designed to get you the information you need from your shortlisted vendors. Once you’ve chosen the winning vendor, we can assist you throughout the contract and price negotiation to make sure that your interests come first.


RFI/RFP Development

TEC's streamlined method of preparing RFPs combines your procurement standards with industry best practices. We can quickly compile a detailed RFP and distribute it to the vendors on your shortlist.

Your RFP includes (but is not limited to) the following components:
  • format and content guidelines
  • proposal evaluation criteria
  • statement of work
  • implementation plan outline
  • training plan outline
  • customer requirements
  • vendor/implementer demonstration scripts and schedules
  • references
  • deliverables
  • terms and conditions, including payment terms and service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • the due date for submission
Make sure you and your vendor are speaking the same language.

Use TEC's RFI/RFP templates for your feature/function requirements.


Contract Review

TEC can review the RFP responses and other documents you receive from vendors to identify any areas where the winning vendor/implementer’s proposal conflicts with your interests, or jeopardizes your project.

Contract and Price Negotiation Support

TEC can help you structure your contract in a way that ensures your requirements are accounted for. We can identify the terms and conditions required to protect your interests, and include provisions that help you monitor the implementation process, get regular progress reports, and avoid any hidden costs.

Before you sit down to negotiate with the vendor/implementer, we can organize an on-site strategy session to help you prepare an effective negotiation plan, and rehearse key discussion points. We can even participate in final negotiations to help you finalize any outstanding issues and prepare both you and the vendor/implementer to sign the agreement.

For more information, contact our Selection Services team.

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