TEC Accreditation


The TEC Accreditation Seal

All accredited service providers have the TEC accreditation seal in their TEC IT Directory listings.

If a service provider has begun but not completed the accreditation process, the TEC Accreditation in Progress seal appears in the TEC IT Directory.

Look for the TEC Accreditation seal when determining the best-fit service provider for your implementation needs. It’s a valuable indicator that a service provider has been verified by an impartial third party, and has met the expectations of its clients.

The TEC Accreditation program is designed to help you evaluate the quality of services provided by software vendors, value-added resellers (VARs), channel partners, implementers, consultants, and other service providers.

Accreditation ensures that the scope and quality of implementation and support services delivered by service providers meet the high standards established by TEC, and by real-world clients and software end users.

Every service provider that requests TEC accreditation is subject to a thorough review process that includes the following steps:

  1. Customer reference checks: TEC interviews at least three of the service provider’s clients, collecting detailed information about service delivery, levels of support, customer experience, etc.
  2. Business profiling: TEC compiles a comprehensive business profile of the service provider, including a review of its operations and marketing road map.
  3. Resource and expertise profiling: TEC conducts a review of the service provider’s supplier and resource accreditations.
When the accreditation is complete, TEC’s analysts publish a detailed accreditation report that highlights the service provider’s strengths and weaknesses for a particular software type, industry, or business area.