TEC Certification

TEC Certification is an impartial review that verifies a software product's ability to address real-world business processes.

All certified products bear the TEC Certified seal. The seal indicates that the vendor’s responses to TEC's research questionnaires satisfactorily describe the product’s capabilities, which increases the chance that, during a selection project, you and the vendor are speaking the same language when you talk about features and functions.

Certified products must meet the stringent guidelines specified by TEC’s analysts. For a product to be certified, the vendor must complete the following steps:

  1. Respond to TEC's detailed research questionnaire. The questionnaire asks the vendor to rate the product's support for up to several thousand software features and functions.
  2. Deliver a formal product demonstration. Each demonstration follows a script designed by our analysts to show how the product supports the business processes most frequently required by companies evaluating a given type of software.

Based on the results of the certification process, our analysts may adjust a product’s RFI ratings to ensure that the product is represented as accurately as possible in TEC’s Evaluation Centers and Showcases.