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Volume 5 Issue 29
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  4 Things Your Company Can Do to Avoid an HR Lawsuit
  No business wants legal hassles, but failure to comply with labor and employment regulations lands companies in court all the time. In TEC analyst Sherry Fox’s latest article, learn four ways you can avoid HR lawsuits—and all the expense, lost productivity, and problems that come along with them.

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  Industry Watch: This Week in Enterprise Software News
Software Adoptions and Upgrades
Korean Air upgrades to Oracle E-Business Suite ERP, version 12.1
EAM/CMMS for the services industry
TEC profile for Oracle
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Press release
"An Oracle customer since 2007, Korean Air has upgraded its ERP system and extended the functional modules it was using. According to Oracle, Korean Air now uses a range of Oracle products for financials, supply chain management, advanced supply chain planning, and cMRO (complex maintenance, repair, and overhaul). Korean Air also uses Demantra Demand Management (integrated with the ERP system), and business intelligence software, along with multiple middleware solutions. The company expects to increase overall operations efficiency with the updated system." — Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Research Analyst

Kosher and health food distributor Shalom & Sons selects SYSPRO ERP
Food distribution ERP
TEC profile for SYSPRO
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Press release
"SYSPRO won this deal against SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and custom solutions. Key drivers for the win included proven and successful projects in the same industry along with SYSPRO’s high reputation for customer service. This is another case where midsize businesses prefer midsize ERP software—and a solution designed specifically for the client’s business environment." — Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Research Analyst

Software Vendor M&As, Partnerships, and Product Launches
AspenTech acquires SolidSim Engineering GmbH
Engineering and SCM, process industries
Press release
"AspenTech has a sole focus on continuous process industries such as chemicals and oil and gas. Its products are possibly the most functional in the market. Throughout the 90s and in the early 2000s, the company undertook a slew of acquisitions with the idea of becoming a one-stop shop for process manufacturers, from process modeling and plant design to manufacturing and supply chain management (SCM). But assimilating these disparate acquisitions on incoherent and often aged platforms has cost the company dearly, bundled with financial troubles, former executive scandals, stock market delisting, etc.

Since 2004, under the leadership of no-nonsense CEO Mark Fusco, a former NHL player and US Olympian, AspenTech has attempted a multiyear corporate turnaround strategy. The company consolidated facilities with regional head offices in The Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. It also reduced R&D facilities from 19 to 3 globally. In addition, by espousing a coherent aspenONE blueprint to integrate these products, reorganizing the professional services business unit (new org structure and management), and streamlining operations, the company has recently returned to sustained growth and profitability. Fusco was one of the top 25 highest-paid CEOs in Massachusetts in 2011.

Thus, the company now feels confident to start a new wave of (hopefully) better executed acquisitions. On paper, SolidSim seems to be a good solid materials addition to AspenTech’s proven capabilities in modeling liquid materials processes." — P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

IBS partners with Medius AB to offer workflow and automation solution
TEC profile for IBS
Compare IBS to its ERP competitors
Press release
"Most ERP solutions offer some kind of workflow functionality for business processes, but often this is quite limited, and neither very flexible nor user friendly. Users frequently use third-party tools or add-ons, but they rarely seamlessly integrate with ERP. In partnering with Medius, IBS offers a jointly developed interface between Mediusflow and IBS Enterprise. This should help IBS customers create and manage workflows and business processes more easily, through various delivery options, including cloud and mobile." — Gabriel Gheorghiu, TEC Research Analyst

Infor partners with Tata Consultancy Services
TEC Blog post
Press release
"This agreement, which marks one of the first global systems integrator (SI) alliances for Infor, should expand the vendor's geographic reach and cred in key industries by enabling TCS to market, implement, and provide services for certain products of Infor and its affiliate, Lawson Software, in the fashion, food and beverage, and health care industries. This is another indication that Infor Means Business with its Partners (see TEC blog post)." — P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Pentaho and DataStax partner to offer complete analytics for Apache Cassandra
Content management
Press release
"Pentaho and DataStax will provide native integration between Pentaho Kettle and Cassandra to deliver complete high performance big-data analytics. This takes advantage of Pentaho’s BI capabilities and DataStax’s NoSQL database capabilities. It’s an interesting combination of two innovative organizations in the battle for big data." — Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

SAS Access now provides coverage for Hadoop
Content management
Press release
"SAS is adding access to Hadoop and increasing the number of data sources for its SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server. With this connection, SAS customers will be able to increase the number and variety of data sources and include big-data analysis as part of their core tasks. Another case of 'big-data adoption' within the Business BI space." — Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

Citi and IBM enter exploratory agreement on use of Watson technologies
TEC profile for IBM
Compare IBM to its BI competitors
Press release
"With the days of Jeopardy behind him, Watson is ready to be put to ‘real’ work. While the medical field is certainly an interesting market for Watson, the retail and service industries are the top commercial verticals where A.I.-like BI can truly flourish. I commend IBM for taking a careful approach to practical applications of the most significant technologies of the information age." — Phil Reney, TEC Research Analyst

FinancialForce.com releases Accounting Spring '12
Cross-industry financials
Press release
"The ability to make changes without coding should be the strategic direction for all software vendors. As a subsidiary of UNIT4 (which is famous for its innovative change embracement approach), FinancialForce is no exception. New functionality in this release includes the ability to customize and share financial report templates, create point-and-click reports, the ability to combine various metrics and use multiple data subjects, and simplified capabilities to integrate the software with other applications—all this is especially interesting since FinancialForce is a 100% cloud application." — Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Research Analyst

Oracle launches mobile expense management application for JD Edwards ERP software
TEC profile for Oracle
Compare Oracle to its ERP competitors
Press release
"This new application is specifically designed to make life easier for remote employees, who will now be able to quickly enter, submit, review, and approve expense reports in real time. This will allow companies to track and manage projects and spending with increased levels of efficiency. The application may be especially appealing to service organization managers whose staff travel and report expenses on a regular basis, and for whom this type of data may be essential for billing purposes." — Aleksey Osintsev, TEC Research Analyst

IBM launches IBM Cognos 10
Cloud computing
Press release
"On March 7, IBM announced the IBM Cognos 10 family of products, including IBM Cognos Insight, a personal analytics solution with easy-to-use features for data exploration and analysis. IBM Cognos intends to provide business users with tools that ease access to information analysis." — Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

SAP launches SAP Business One OnDemand
Press release
"SAP Business One is an often unjustifiably overlooked product in SAP's arsenal due to all the recent hoopla around SAP Business ByDesign and SuccessFactors. SAP B1 has over 30,000 customers worldwide, and it also has its own development platform (comparable to SAP NetWeaver) upon which certified partners can build their own solutions. Soon, the product will also run on SAP's in-memory HANA database. This B1 OnDemand offering seems to be a good fit for the lower end of the SMB ERP market that NetSuite recently decided to abandon in order to focus on larger accounts." — P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Autodesk launches cloud-based PLM 360 offering
PLM, discrete manufacturing
Press release
"Perhaps attempting to be the 'salesforce.com of PLM', Autodesk has built PLM 360 from the ground up, and is taking an interesting approach with transparent pricing per user, and openness to many product data management (PDM) systems. The offering is almost a PLM infrastructure/platform rather than an app collection per se. PLM apps are templates that can be configured, and there will also be a PLM app store. There are pluses and minuses to the approach, and many details are still sketchy (in terms of the functional depth). But the offering seems to be unique in the PLM arena." — P.J. Jakovljevic, Principal TEC Analyst

Microsoft launches SQL Server 2012
Database technology/Data Warehousing/BI
Press release
"Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is now available for evaluation, with general availability from April 1. New features include in-memory capabilities, 9s data protection, and rapid data exploration with Power View, as well as the use of the BI Semantic Model (BISM) for BI applications." — Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

SAP updates cloud offerings
Content management
Press release
"SAP has announced key updates to its cloud computing product portfolio, including SAP Travel OnDemand, SAP Sourcing OnDemand, and SAP Sales OnDemand. SAP is looking for fast-paced growth to its existing cloud portfolio to expand its on-demand presence within organizations around the world." — Jorge García, TEC BI Analyst

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