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NEWSLETTER Wednesday, January 2, 2008 | Issue 2464
Editor's Picks
6 Enterprise Software Trends to Watch for in 2008

With the US economy about to come down with an almighty cold, find out how you can avoid the sniffles, with Top 6 Enterprise Software Trends to Watch for in 2008.

Giant software vendors are slated to focus on SMBs in 2008. Read Benchmarking ERP in SMB to find out which best practices can insulate you against software selection failure.

As you probably already know, software selection can be intimidating, overwhelming, and time-intensive. Learn about key tips for success with Software Selection Processes—Accelerating Vendor Identification.

It only takes a few minutes to find out which enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems meet your needs. A quick visit to TEC's ERP Evaluation Center will net you a shortlist of ERP solutions designed for your organization's industry, size, and business model.

Larry Blitz - Senior Editor Senior Editor
Did you know you can use...
Evaluation Centers ’Find out which enterprise solutions fit your business.
White Papers ’Access thousands of white papers and case studies.
RFP Templates ’Reduce the risk of choosing the wrong solution.
Vendor Showcase ’Find information on over 200 vendors.
Research Articles ’Keep up to date with industry news and market trends.
Feature White Papers
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Integrated SOA Governance for Microsoft Business Process Automation Solutions
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Introducing a New Vision for SOA Governance
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