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Thursday, September 21, 2006  Volume 4, Issue 1946
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A New Customer Relationship Management Framework: Twenty-first Century Necessity, or Blowin' in the Wind?
by Paul Greenberg
The business ecosystem has shifted focus from corporation to customer, and the location of value has changed with it. Where value had historically been located in products and services, it is now located in the value produced by the customer.
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Justify your IT return on investment and budget

Did you know the average change in IT budgets for next year is 6.5%? In fact, the largest percentage of a budget is spent on delivery and support of services (26.5%) followed by development and maintenance of solutions (17.9%), while management of knowledge (2.8%) trails last. Just in time for budget season, APQC, a leading nonprofit research firm, is offering a no cost benchmarking opportunity. See how your IT organization stacks up against the best-in-class in the areas of budget, cost, time, headcount, and productivity.

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Market News

Gallup and TEC Form Alliance to Meet Government and Industry Demands for Successful Enterprise Transformation

Gallup teams up with TEC to add IT assessment to its comprehensive business transformation assurance services, and to drive growth for public and private sector clients

The Gallup Organization and Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. have joined forces in a strategic alliance. The mission: to complement Gallup 's Transformation Success Assurance services with TEC's experience and methodologies in IT evaluation, analysis, and ...

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10:00 am PST
Pacific Edge Software, Inc. Register
Exact Business Analytics (EBA) Sales Analytics Overview
2:00 pm EDT
Exact Software Register
IHRIM's 2006 Best in Class Tools for Building a Solid HR Systems Foundation
8:30 am CDT
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CRM Certification Course from BPT Partners, Chicago, IL
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SAP: Accelerating Innovation. Energizing Growth. - Long Beach, CA
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SAP Register
SAP: Accelerating Innovation. Energizing Growth. - Chicago, IL
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CRM Certification Course from BPT Partners, San Antonio, TX
all day
BPT Partners Register
SmallBusinessVision - A Gartner Event
all day
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