View the Web(HTML) Version of this newsletter online: TechnologyEvaluation.Com ________________________________________________ "THE IMPARTIAL SOFTWARE EVALUATORS" WEEKLY Newsletter Friday January 20, 2012 Volume 5, Issue 3 __ HEADLINE NEWS ________________________________________________________ A Product Note: Attensity and the Voice of the Customer -Jorge García Attensity has found a way to truly capture the voice of the customer with its new breed of customer experience management (CEM) solutions. TEC analyst Jorge García looks at how Attensity's CEM products can help organizations analyze customer conversations across multiple channels, extract actionable data and insights, and route conversations for rapid and effective response, improving their customers' experience and loyalty. Read the Article!*REMOTE_ID*!&e=!*EMAIL*!&tecnlid=5413&i=18381 Two Vendor Execs Discuss the Current B2B Pricing Market (and its Future) -PJ Jakovljevic Why are some companies still managing their prices with spreadsheets-and leaving their single most important profit lever to such inadequate if not harmful practices? TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic finds out and sits down with two vendor execs to see how B2B pricing software allows companies to detect profit anomalies and take rapid pricing actions, increasing their revenues and profits and gaining business agility. Read the Article!*REMOTE_ID*!&e=!*EMAIL*!&tecnlid=5413&i=18462 Five Ways Modern ERP Solutions Increase Business Agility -Sage Modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions allow for businesses to increase their agility by providing the ability to close gaps at all levels of business, and ultimately getting the right information into the right person's hand at exactly the right time. In this report, you'll hear four experts have to say about the ways modern ERP solutions increase business agility. Download the White Paper!*REMOTE_ID*!&e=!*EMAIL*!&tecnlid=5413&i=18405&pause=1 The Total Economic Impact of Conformiq Tool Suite -Ideabytes When Forrester Consulting examined the total economic impact of Conformiq Tool Suite (CTS) for one large-scale user, the results were clear: a risk-adjusted 396% return on investment and 3.5-month payback period. With a new single framework for software testing, the user also improved test suite maintenance efficiency and gained agility in test model creation and modification. Learn more about the benefits CTS could bring to your company. Download the White Paper!*REMOTE_ID*!&e=!*EMAIL*!&tecnlid=5413&i=18407&pause=1 Protecting Users from Firesheep and Other Sidejacking Attacks with SSL -Verisign The recent release of the Firesheep Wi-Fi attack tool has increased awareness among both users and attackers of the inherent insecurity of unprotected HTTP connections. Firesheep allows an attacker connected to the local network to monitor the Web sessions of other users on that network. According to experts, the best solution is to use TLS/SSL for all connections to Web sites. Download this white paper to learn how to avoid these attacks. Download the White Paper!*REMOTE_ID*!&e=!*EMAIL*!&tecnlid=5413&i=18470&pause=1 Balanced PLM Programs Drive Profitable Growth -Plex Systems For manufacturers that lack a well-structured product lifecycle management (PLM) program, the instantaneous flow of information only speeds up confusion, duplication of effort, and poor decision making. Find out how a SaaS-based ERP solution is essential for creating an effective, comprehensive integrated PLM program that improves productivity, accuracy, and decision making-and ultimately increases company profitability. Download the White Paper!*REMOTE_ID*!&e=!*EMAIL*!&tecnlid=5413&i=18471&pause=1 ___________________________________________ This Newsletter (#!*REMOTE_ID*!) has reached you at !*EMAIL*! Thank you for reading TEC's Newsletter, ISSN#1715-3263. Copyright (c) 2012 Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. All rights reserved.You are receiving this mail because you have subscribed to TEC and requested access to the TEC's newsletter. If you prefer to not receive this newsletter, please visit the URL below:!*REMOTE_ID*!&e=!*EMAIL*!&tecnlid=5413&i=36 740 St. Maurice · 4th floor · Montreal, Quebec · Canada · H3C 1L5 Phone: +1 514-954-3665