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Friday, December 7, 2007
Issue 2454
ABCs of Choosing a Customer Relationship Management System

To compete successfully today, you need a customer relationship management (CRM) system that not only tracks customer data, but that also allows for customer dialogue and feedback. But how do you select the right CRM system—one that will increase customer loyalty and company profits by providing for accurate, real-time customer information and interaction? Find out in the white paper The ABCs of Choosing a CRM System.

In the TEC podcast, Applying the Power of Social Networks to Customer Relationship Management, you’ll discover how customer feedback in the form of social networks, podcasts, blogs, and wikis is giving progressive companies a brand new—and powerful—competitive edge.

Organizations such as insurance companies and financial institutions with complex customer profiles and call center environments have special CRM needs. In Integrating Customer Relationship Management and Service Resolution Management, you’ll read about the four key elements these CRM systems must have in order to help companies succeed in some of the most competitive industries in the marketplace.

Planning to implement a new CRM system or to upgrade your current one? Get a shortlist of CRM solutions designed specifically for organizations of your size, industry, and business model by visiting TEC's Customer Relationship Management Evaluation Center.

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