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   Wednesday September 24, 2008 | Spotlight on Accounting | Issue 2586
Accounting Showdown! Infor vs. Exact Software

In one corner of the ring: Infor, billed as the world's third largest provider of business solutions. In the other corner: Exact Software, the Dutch-based vendor that focuses on a single-solution strategy. We compared these two vendors head-to-head, as well as two of their accounting for SMB solutions: Infor's FMS SunSystems vs. Exact North America's Exact Globe Enterprise. Here are the results.

Today's feature white paper looks at the issues—and solutions—for organizations trying to manage sales teams and the consolidation of financial reporting across different countries or different companies, including requirements for addressing different currencies, taxation rules, and local and consolidated reporting.

Caught between general-purpose big-vendor ERP offerings that require heavy customization, and small off-the-shelf project management solutions that are easily outgrown, project-oriented organizations have a special set of accounting needs. Here's a look at those needs, along with recommendations on how project-oriented organizations should best approach the acquisition of a new accounting solution.

Read the Showdown: Accounting Showdown! Infor vs. Exact Software

Read the white paper: Solving Sales and Finance in the Multicompany Enterprise

Read the article: Project-Oriented Versus Generic GL-Oriented ERP/Accounting Systems

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Market News

Polymita Technologies certified by TEC in its BPM and ECM assessment centres

Polymita Technologies has satisfactorily completed the rigorous TEC certification process in BPM and ECM categories.

Barcelona, September 2008. Polymita Technologies, producer of Polymita Business Suite, a unique platform on the market that unites business process management with content, documents, and applications, has been certified by Technology Evaluation Centers as a business process management (BPM) and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions provider.

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