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   Friday October 22, 2010 | Spotlight on PLM | Vol.3 Issue 124
Adeon Software's CXInsight: Specialized PLM for the Electronics Industry

Here's a practical alternative to the traditional way electronics manufacturers adopt product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. As you'll discover in this certification report, CXInsight is an electronics industry design and assembly solution that offers good out-of-the-box functionality at a reasonable cost.

In TEC Analyst Kurt Chen's take on CXInsight for Electronics, he explains why this product is a good example of the "80-20 rule" for electronic manufacturers who just want to roll out their PDM initiatives for quick significant results.

Also today...

While the gap between CAD-PLM and ERP-PLM may be closing, it's still critical to understand the difference if you're shopping for PLM software. Learn about the two basic kinds of PLM solutions—and the major differences between them.

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