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   Monday October 13, 2008 | Spotlight on CRM | Issue 2594
Can You Profit from the CRM Vendor Wars?

In today's PJ's Industry Spotlight—part of a new series of in-depth reports, reviews, and interviews from veteran industry insider P.J. Jakovljevic—the focus is on the looming war between Salesforce.com and Microsoft for the on-demand CRM market. If these two heavyweights end up battling it out, will you be the one to profit from it? Find out here.

Given the bad economic news of late, here is a timely white paper on using CRM to recession-proof your business. You'll learn about the three different CRM strategies you can employ to build a competitive advantage in tough times.

Roughly seven out of ten CRM programs involve a great solution but a bad implementation plan, resulting in an all-around negative CRM experience. The culprit turns out to be vision—or more precisely, the lack of an appropriate one. To help you improve your odds of CRM success, here are the four steps to developing an effective and attainable CRM vision.

Read the industry spotlight: War Looms in the On-demand CRM Market (and Beyond)—But Will You Profit from It?

Read the white paper: Using CRM to Recession-proof Your Business

Read the article: The Customer Relationship Management Vision: It Starts with Relationships

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InsideCRM On-premise CRM Comparison Guide
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Explore the new frontier of online sales and marketing effectiveness with Insurance.com's innovative deployment of continuous business monitoring and real time analytics
12:00 PM
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On-demand Event: Using Network Behavior Analysis to Improve End-user Application Performance
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On-demand Event: Building Performance-first Application Delivery Networks with Cisco and NetQoS
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BI Reporting: Improving Decision-making Abilities for Midsize Organizations
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Customer Loyalty: Creating Customer Commitment in Retail Webcast
2:00 pm EDT
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Live Demo of TARGIT BI Suite 2K8
2:00 pm EDT
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TDWI World Conference
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TDWI World Conference New Orleans 2008
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ERP Vendor Shootout
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