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Headline News

Cloud Angel: Analyst Perspective on SaaS ERP for Service-based Organizations
Technology Evaluation Centers
Service-oriented organizations often find it difficult to balance infrastructure costs with software systems that enable frequent modifications. TEC examines UNIT4's Vita Cloud Angel approach to this challenge-and lets you know whether it's a viable option for you. Get the TEC analyst perspective in this special report on Vita Cloud Angel.
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Manufacturing Strategies that Win: Executive View of the Cloud
Technology Evaluation Centers
Manufacturers have been slow to embrace the cloud. But the proven success of cloud-based solutions, along with the promise of a less expensive and more responsive business solution infrastructure, is prompting many manufacturers to take a closer look. This report explores how manufacturers can use cloud-based solutions to transform how they manage their supply chain and internally improve operations, leveraging the cloud to gain real-time visibility into all information across their company.
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Professional Service Strategies that Win: IT's New Role in the Cloud
Technology Evaluation Centers
Successful enterprise resource planning (ERP) deployment demands a focused examination of the professional services provided by your organization, and the most efficient infrastructure required to support them. You must provide your most important asset-your people-with effective tools that can be accessed remotely, securely, and immediately. Professional service organizations that understand this will be in a strong position to determine the best cloud-based solution for their needs.
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Human Resources: To Outsource or Not to Outsource, That Is the Question
Sherry Fox
As human resource outsourcing (HRO) becomes an increasingly popular option for many HR organizations, they must inform themselves about the benefits and challenges outsourcing brings. Find out why outsourcing your HR activities may or may not be right for you.
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A Tour of the Clouds
Jorge García
The term "cloud computing" might be the next biggest trend in the IT industry. Jorge Garcia explains some of the basic ideas behind cloud computing-and how it may help your organization in the future.
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Perspectivas de la industria
Riverbed Technology Achieving Business Value with Network and Application Visibility
CompareBusinessProducts.com CRM Buyers Guide
Sage Driving SMB Efficiency with Business Intelligence
BSA The Value of ERP Software Diagnostic Assessments
Plex Systems ERP as a Living System: The Power of Community-Driven Product Enhancement
SAP BI for the CPG Industry - Supply Chain Visibility Drives Performance
Infor Lean Operations: Software Strategies for Manufacturing's New Normal
Technology Evaluation Centers The Best-of-class Financial Systems Strategy: An Alternative to ERP Platforms
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Gartner Webinar: Top Security Trends and Takeaways for 2011-12
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10th ERP Vendor Shootout
May 18-19
VAR Community Register
Gartner Supply Chain
June 1-3, 2011
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Validating Your BI/DW Direction
June 6-10
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Achieving IT Operational Excellence: Virtualization, Cloud, and More
June 13-15, 2011
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Gartner PPM Summit
all day
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Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2011
20-23 June 2011
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Mastering The Cloud in 8 Easy Steps
Wednesdays 1 PM ET
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