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Volume 6 Issue 91

Customer Experience

Integration leads to better
customer experience

What do enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and field service management (FSM) systems have in common? They each manage a critical part of the customer life cycle. And according to TEC's Raluca Druta, integrating them can help you provide the kind of customer experience that creates a lasting competitive advantage.

Read Raluca's blog post.

Cloud ERP is like... But on-premise ERP is like...

Industry watchers love to compare the difference between cloud and on-premise solutions to the difference between owning and renting a house or a car. But ERP analyst Aleksey Osintsev isn't buying it. Instead, he's offering up a few analogies of his own. Find out why he thinks they do a better job of summing up the cloud vs. on-premise experience. Read Aleksey's blog post.

Cloud ERP

Cloud is like a . . .


Vitria upping its game
for Big Data

Vitria OI 4: Data for Today and for the Future

Since 1994, Vitria has been evolving its operational intelligence and business process management (BPM) applications into mature and stable solutions for real-time data analysis and BPM optimization. Find out what the California-based vendor is doing to up its game in the era of Big Data in BI and Data Management analyst Jorge García's latest blog post.


White Paper

SaaS Versus On-premise ERP

Should your business acquire traditional on-premises enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions? Or should it invest in emerging software-as-a-service (SaaS)–based ERP solutions? Both options have benefits and both have risks. Download this white paper to see how SaaS ERP stacks up again on-premises ERP across eight categories.

Download white paper.

Mobile HCM Survey

Are you considering mobile HCM? Help us out by taking our short mobile HCM survey. To thank you for your time, we'll give you a free analyst report. Take the survey.

Be Part of TEC's Next Big Data Trends Report

TEC's Big Data trends report is due out later this year and we'd like some input from you. Take our short Big Data Survey, and receive a free analyst report. Take the survey.

Compare FSM Software

Use TEC Advisor online to compare field service management (FSM) solutions, according to your organization's characteristics and needs. It's free, fast, and easy—and you'll see the results immediately.

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