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   Monday June 23, 2008 | Spotlight on Discrete ERP | Issue 2547

ERP Showdown! Infor vs. Exact vs. QAD
Using TEC's ERP Evaluation Center, we compared Infor SyteLine, Exact Macola ES, and QAD Enterprise Application head-to-head across the full range of ERP functionality. Which solution came out on top? How did the others fare? Get all the results in our latest ERP Vendor Showdown.
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6 Misconceptions about Data Migration
As one of the most important—and riskiest—activities in any system implementation, data migration is just about the last place you want problems. Today's feature article will make sure you don't commit any of the six major data migration sins.
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How Successful ERP Selections Are Made
Anyone who's ever been involved in an ERP selection knows there's no shortage of ways to go wrong, often with disastrous results. Today's feature white paper highlights some important—but often overlooked—considerations to bear in mind when selecting a new ERP vendor, all calculated to help make sure you make the winning choice for your organization.
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Compare Discrete ERP Solutions
To compare discrete ERP solutions based on the needs and characteristics of your organization (its size, industry, business model, geographical markets, IT platform and requirements, etc.), visit TEC's discrete ERP Evaluation Center. It's fast and easy, and you'll get the results immediately.
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Feature White Papers
SAP Fostering a Culture of Adaptability
Integrated Research Multivendor IP Telephony Management—Challenges and Solutions
Worst Practices in Business Intelligence: Why BI Applications Succeed Where BI Tools Fail
IQMS Real-time Shop Floor Integration, Simplified (with ERP)
Oco, Inc Calculating ROI for Business Intelligence Solutions in Small and Midsized Businesses
CFO Research Services Getting the Most for Every Dollar: Tools and Strategies for Expense Management at Midsize Companies
Deeper Customer Insight: Understanding Today's Complex Shoppers
ERP ROI in Nine Months
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Webcasts / Live Events / Podcasts
Webcasts / Webinars
Title Date Time Presenter  
Health Care Payers: Five CRM Mistakes to Avoid-White Paper and Webinar
11:00 am CDT
Avanade Register
Five Key Strategies for Manufacturers-White Paper and Webinar
1:00 pm CDT
Avanade Register
Professional Services: Five CRM Mistakes to Avoid-White Paper and Webinar
1:00 pm CDT
Avanade Register
Financial Services: Five CRM Mistakes to Avoid-White Paper and Webinar
11:00 am CDT
Avanade Register
Converting Your Legacy Business Intelligence Platform into an Optimized Business Performance Management Application
2:00pm EDT
Bitam Register
On-demand Event: Tips for Better Managing Network Infrastructure through SNMP-based Performance Metrics
on demand
NetQos Register
On-demand Event: Building Performance-first Application Delivery Networks with Cisco and NetQoS
on demand
NetQos Register
On-demand Event: Using Network Behavior Analysis to Improve End-user Application Performance
on demand
NetQos Register
Live Events
Title Date Time Presenter  
TDWI BI Symposium Canada
all day
tdwi Register
How to Improve Customer Service in Volatile Markets
1:00 PM EST
Microsoft Register
Optimizing Requirements Discovery
2:00 pm EDT
IAG Consulting Register
Predicting Projects Outcome
2:00 pm EDT
IAG Consulting Register
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Whether you are embarking on a new BI project or working in a mature data warehousing environment, TDWI BI Symposium—Canada offers a broad range of courses focused on the skills and techniques at the heart of successful business intelligence and data warehousing implementations. Featuring tracks focused on Data Modeling and Business Analytics, this event's exciting course offerings cover the fundamentals to advanced concepts.

Learn more and register at http://www.tdwi.org/Education/Bisymposium/index.aspx.

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Feature White Paper
Furniture Manufacturer Improves Inventory Accuracy by 85 Percent with RFID-capable WMS

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BMC buys ITM Software; HP partnership; SAP Visiprise bid

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