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   Monday July 28, 2008 | Spotlight on Enterprise Asset Management | Issue 2562
Enterprise Asset Management: An Underrated Clutch Performer

Enterprise asset management (EAM) tends to be overshadowed by some of the more glamorous business functions—think sales and marketing, for example. But don't be fooled: as unsexy as EAM may appear to be, it can generate remarkable savings for the organization by creating a more efficient and productive environment.

Today's feature blog post walks you through the ABCs of EAM, starting with its basic definition, followed by a list of benefits EAM can bring to your organization and a look at some of the more popular EAM vendor solutions currently available.

But simply having an EAM solution in place won't necessarily make it a success. In today's feature white paper, find out which approaches get results and which don't, what works and why, and which best practices have proved effective while withstanding the test of time.

For asset-intensive organizations, historically the choice has been either to deal with the nightmare of integrating a best-of-breed solution, or to sacrifice critical functionality by using the EAM module of the company's enterprise system. Fortunately, integrating a best-of-breed solution is no longer the nightmare it used to be. Find out why in today's feature article.

Read the blog post: Enterprise Asset Management Systems: Your Manufacturing Organization's Underrated Superstar

Read the white paper: Fixed Asset Inventory Best Practices

Read the article: Serving up EAM Integration

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