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   Wednesday March 12, 2008 | Spotlight on SCM | Issue 2503
Faster, More Responsive Supply Chains

Organizations are constantly devising new supply chain strategies as part of their ongoing efforts to remain competitive in today's crowded global marketplace. Today we look at two such strategies—one of which offers a faster, more nimble response, but brings with it a significant downside, while the other addresses supply chain management (SCM) from a proactive, event management perspective.

Who Could Object to Faster, More Responsive Supply Chains?
Today, global manufacturers have all but abandoned traditional vertical supply chains in favor of the more flexible horizontal and virtual supply chain concepts. But these approaches come at the cost of giving up a fair amount of control over their supply chain processes. Find out more in today's featured article.
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Supply Chain Event Management: Proactive Supply Chain Visibility
If you're interested in getting an early jump on supply chain problems, boosting your percentage of on-time deliveries, and slashing your order-tracking costs—up to a staggering 98 percent as did one name-brand clothing manufacturer—supply chain event management (SCEM) is something you should be looking at. Get a closer look at SCEM in our featured white paper.
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