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   Wednesday November 5, 2008 | Spotlight on Healthcare | Issue 2604
Focus on Health Care: Electronic Medical Records

Since health care was such a major issue in the US elections, we thought it would be timely to take another look at electronic medical records (EMR).

Today's feature blog post gives you a look at some of the issues involved in switching over from paper-based patient records to an electronic system, as well as a list of questions to ask before you commit to an EMR solution.

To get an overall grasp of the history of EMR, its benefits, and the challenges to an EMR implementation, check out today's feature article.

Find out about a 360° solution designed to help health plan providers increase sales by applying "best-selling" practices to every prospect, at every touch point, in the sales and marketing cycle. It's in today's feature white paper.

Read the blog post: The Prescription to Buying an EMR Solution to Improve Patient Care and Staff Productivity

Read the article: Electronic Medical Records: An Introduction

Read the white paper: NextGen Health Care: How Technology Can Help Make Consumer-directed Health Care a Reality

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Feature White Papers
Meridian Knowledge Solutions How to Develop, Maintain, and Support a Quality Management and Development Process
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Market News

Beverage Manufacturer Satisfies Thirst for Integrated Processes, Reliable Data with DEACOM

WAYNE, PAOctober 29, 2008 – Deacom, Inc. (www.deacom.net) today announced that JUS-MADE LP, a quality manufacturer and distributor of frozen beverages and juices, has licensed the DEACOM Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System to integrate all of its business processes in a single software solution.

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Developing Driver-based Budgeting and Planning

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VAI Implements
E-commerce Solution for Hearing Aid Provider

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