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November 29, 2003  Volume 4, Issue 1111  
Headline News 
    Great Product: Too Bad The Architecture Doesn’t Fit
by M. Reed
During the process of product selection a great deal of attention is given to the functional capabilities of the software being evaluated. While this aspect is obviously important, ignoring the technical mechanisms by which the software actually operates can be fatal to a project. In this document we explain how to avoid the pitfalls.
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    Mid-size Companies Have Full-size IT Issues
by J. Dowling
Proactive IT Managers Can Make a Difference
by William R. Friend

Attention to-order manufacturers: What if your software solution enabled you to know everything possible about your operation, from end to end? What would it be worth to have the answers required to improve profitability, contain costs and run a more successful business? Stop guessing: The solution is Vantage by Epicor.

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