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April 15, 2003  Volume 4, Issue 906
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       Headline News
HighJump Grows in a Period of Low Growth Through Adaptable, Broad Function Products
Part Two: Market Impact

by Olin Thompson & P.J. Jakovljevic
Although a combination of factors bodes well for HighJump's success, a key differentiating word at its camp is 'adaptability'. HighJump's approach to adaptability starts with an application platform designed to manage change. The combination of a set of adaptability tools and the ability to embed business logic into reusable Lego-like 'building blocks' brings a level of system configurability that is relatively rare in application software today.

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       Today's News Analysis
When the bigger fish eats the smaller to become a bigger fish
by Kevin Ramesan
This time the merger and acquisition of Connect-Care by Firstwave appears to be a search for vertical market access. Connect-Care provides a direct reach to 87 software vendors that may represent both vertical expertise and a network of resellers. The stakes are high. Will the Firstwave technical lead and the Connect-Care vertical expertise bring a best-of- breed CRM application that the market needs?

       Today's Technology Note
HighJump Grows in a Period of Low Growth Through Adaptable, Broad Function Products
by Olin Thompson & P.J. Jakovljevic
With approximately 180 employees, HighJump Software is in growth mode with total revenue up 40% in fiscal 2002 and with current year over year revenue growth of 33%. More impressively, license revenue was up 60% last year and running at growth rate of 60% year to date. How does the relatively small SCE vendor accomplish it? Adaptability and broad functional footprint would be the keys to the answer.






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