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   Monday October 20, 2008 | Spotlight on Business Intelligence | Issue 2597
How Poor Data Quality Can Sabotage Your BI Effort

Sacrificing data quality for quanitity and speed of delivery can easily sabotage your business intelligence (BI) effort—resulting in your company making bad business decisions and missing opportunities. That's why today's feature article walks you through a classic data quality strategy, complete with examples of why and how quality issues occur, and a look at some vendors that provide rich, powerful solutions designed to protect the quality of your enterprise data.

With business seemingly operating at the speed of light these days, you need to be able to rapidly interpret your company's data in order to drive peak performance, while monitoring and reacting to your competitors and the constantly changing dynamics of the marketplace. In today's feature white paper, find out how business analytics, the next generation of performance software, can help you achieve it—making your company agile, responsive, and competitive in a tough, fast-paced business environment.

If you're a manufacturer still running without a BI solution, today's feature podcast is one you shouldn't miss. In a conversation between BI analyst Lyndsay Wise and Robert Abate, a leading expert in BI solutions for manufacturers, you'll find out how a BI solution can bring you substantial return on investment (ROI) by boosting efficiencies, while enabling you to make better, faster business decisions. You'll also find out how to optimize a BI implementation.

Read the feature article: Distilling Data: The Importance of Data Quality in Business Intelligence

Read the feature white paper: Business Analytics: The Perfect Fit for the Agile Enterprise

Listen to the feature podcast: Why Manufacturers Should Cash In on the Promise of Business Intelligence

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