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   Friday August 15, 2008 | Spotlight on ERP | Issue 2570
How Well Does Your ERP System Support Change?

Business today is in a constant state of flux, but most installed ERP systems are failing to keep up. The disturbing fact is that nearly half of all businesses are essentially blowing their annual ERP budgets to support change. And how are the software vendors responding? You'll find the answers in TEC's 2008 Market Comparison Report.

The best way to head off future problems with your ERP system is to get the one that's best suited for your company's needs, and much thought has been given to that concept through the years. But no one has quite compared selecting an ERP system to a 12-step recovery program. Till now, that is.

Finally, TurtleSpice, our virtual company on the twisted, torturous path to selecting a new ERP system, is facing yet more problems, decisions, and forks in the road. This time, one software vendor is asking for preferential treatment. Get involved and vote on what step(s) the company should take next—in the world's first and only ERP selection simulator.

Read the report: TEC's 2008 Market Comparison Report—How Does Your ERP System Architecture Address Change?

Read the blog post: Why Selecting an ERP System Is Like a 12-Step Recovery Program

Read the blog post: TurtleSpice ERP! (Week VI)

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Market News

Polymita Technologies introduces instant execution of modeled process with ARIS© from IDS Scheer in BPM-Suite
Processes modeled with ARIS© can be read and executed in a matter of seconds in BPM-Suite© from Polymita Technologies

Barcelona, 29th July 2008. Finally, thanks to Polymita Technologies, the thousands of companies all over the world that use ARIS© process modeling tools from IDS Scheer can take them a step further and run them in real time. The CPE connector by Polymita allows instant migration to BPM-Suite whose execution engine reads the description of processes or workflows directly in ARIS© format and converts them directly into executable processes.

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