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   Wednesday July 30, 2008 | Spotlight on Change Management | Issue 2563
How to Cure Your IT Woes

How do you see your IT department?

Disconnected? Disorganized? Agenda-driven—with all the wrong agendas?

Stop griping. You can improve coordination between IT and the rest of your business—and facilitate effective service management at the same time.

The key? The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, Version 3 (ITIL V3). ITIL V3 is a set of best practices that can help you address IT challenges and conundrums. There's a teensy-weensy downside, though. It's a little, uh, technical.

So try our article instead. Find out—thanks to clear, straightforward insight—why ITIL V3 offers a prescription for the health of your IT services.

Oh, by the way, do you have enough control over your key supply chain processes? Just thought I'd ask.

Read the article: The ITIL Version 3 Prescription for Transitioning Services

Read the white paper: ITIL V3: Supporting the Evolution of IT Effectiveness for Improved IT Operations

Read the white paper: Response Management: Rapid Response to Change Drives Improved Operating Performance

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