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How to Select an S&OP System

Why is S&OP such a hot topic these days? It allows manufacturers and brand holders to regain control of their complex, extended supply chains. And it offers substantial business benefits like reduced inventory, improved capacity utilization, and reductions in excess and obsolescence (E&O). Learn more about S&OP—including how to select the right S&OP solution for your company's needs.
SCM Vendor Kinaxis Speaks Out on S&OP

Last year, SCM vendor Kinaxis rolled out its successful S&OP offering RapidResponse, currently used by nearly 100 large corporate customers and 30,000 users. In today's feature interview, TEC Principal Analyst P.J. Jakovljevic sits down with Kinaxis' Trevor Miles to discuss the market drivers behind the growth of S&OP, the current state of the market, and Kinaxis' approach to S&OP solutions.
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Reader Comment of the Day

"[ERP] cost benefits don't come from headcount reduction, which seems to be such a common thought process by management who should know better. The cost benefits come about from the ability to effectively plan."

— Carl Franov, in response to ERP Fail: When Best Practices Meet Real Life
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CRM Buyer's Guide
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ERP Satisfaction: A User Survey

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