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NEWSLETTER Monday, January 21, 2008 | Issue 2481
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IT Project Success: It Starts at the Requirements-gathering Stage

With the persistently high failure rate of IT projects, one of the best ways of ensuring your IT project succeeds is by building the right foundation. Read about one method for getting the critical requirements-gathering stage right in part one of TEC’s article Software Selection: A Third Alternative.

It may be hard to believe, but out of 100 IT projects, 94 will start over again at least once. Here, then, in the white paper Getting Consensus on Business Requirements: Tips and Traps are more tools to make sure your organization understands how vitally important it is to carry out the requirements-gathering stage properly.

However, even before the software evaluation process can begin, the more basic question of whether or not your organization truly requires a new software system must be answered. Find out which 10 questions will allow you to make that determination, in the white paper How To Determine if Your Organization Needs New Business Software.

Be watching all this week for more articles and white papers on how to make sure your IT project flows smoothly and successfully through the phases of the software evaluation and selection process.

Larry Blitz - Senior Editor Senior Editor
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