August 28, 2001  Volume 2, Issue 394

Headline News

J.D. Edwards Fires Siebel, Hires YOU
by Randy Garland
J.D. Edwards announced plans to acquire CRM vendor YOUcentric, Inc. At the same time, they have severed their 18 month relationship with Siebel and ended integration plans between J.D. Edwards core functionalities and Siebel’s eFrontOffice capabilities. Abrupt? Yes. Unexpected? Possibly. In the best interests of J.D. Edwards and their customers? Wholeheartedly yes.


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Today's TEC Analysis
The SOAP Opera Progresses - Helping XML to Rule the World
by Michael F. Reed
An important emerging standard in the web arena, known as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), originally developed by Microsoft, has achieved a new milestone. Since IBM joined in support for the SOAP standard with increased security, SOAP may replace DCOM, and possibly even CORBA eventually. The W3C consortium has just released a new version, 1.2, which will be widely accepted and adopted by vendors.



Technology Notes

CRM is Busting Out Of Its Britches: Operational, Analytical, and Collaborative CRM Are Born
by Randy Garland
Back in the early 90’s, ‘CRM’ wasn’t even a trendy acronym. You had a few players thinking beyond 'stovepipe' enterprise applications, but not much beyond. Fast forward to 2001. CRM has gotten fat, and the fatter it gets, it becomes more difficult to understand, more expensive to buy, more difficult to implement, and less likely to satisfy - either buyers of the software or their customers. Keep your eye on the ball: your customers, and your business.




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