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February 11, 2004  Volume 4, Issue 1174  
Headline News 
    Justification of ERP Investments
Part Two: The Intangible Effects of ERP

by Dr. Scott Hamilton
The intangible or non-financial benefits of an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can be viewed from several perspectives. For illustrative purposes, the discussion will focus on the benefits for accounting, product and process design, production, sales, and management information system MIS functions. From the overall company standpoint, ERP provides a framework for working effectively together and providing a consistent plan for action. Reprinted from Maximizing Your ERP System by Dr. Scott Hamilton.
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    Justification of ERP Investments
Part 1: Quantifiable Benefits from an ERP System

by Dr. Scott Hamilton
CDC Software Wins the Pivotal Auction. Now What?
Part Three: Challenges and User Recommendations

by P.J. Jakovljevic

How RPM Can Leverage MRP/ERP Data.
Find out how Reality-Based Priority Management (RPM) can help you source all manufacturing information from your planning software. Register today at TEC Learning Center and learn about Unit concept, Exception management and Coordinating the total plant. This course is a must for plant management who want to leverage their planning system data into actionable information and for those who want to eliminate the "outside the system" labor-intensive reporting documents.

Live Course Date: February 17, 2004 2:00 PM EST
Presented by: Mike Dreimiller, CPIM, President, MANDIS


Citrix & Gartner Webinar: Simplify Password Management & Improve Secure Access
Gartner identifies password management challenges and the need for single sign on within identity management, while examining industry trends and secure access issues. Citrix discusses how to obtain single sign-on access to Windows, Web, proprietary and host-based applications running in the Citrix® MetaFrame® Access Suite environment or on local clients.



Microsoft .NET and ERP Technology Seminar Series
Seminars are being held all over North America to educate the manufacturing community about the real-world business benefits of ERP technology based on Microsoft .NET and to demonstrate Intuitive's .NET-based solution, Intuitive ERP.

Come and see firsthand how Microsoft .NET enables applications that are smaller, faster, more innovative, easier to learn, use and maintain, and most importantly will provide you with that competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

Register now for a free seminar!

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Manufacturing and Supply Chain Solutions for the
Process Industry

SSI's TROPOS system is widely used in the UK for food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, mill (primary metals, textiles, and paper), and high volume discrete manufacturers. TROPOS can be implemented as a full ERP solution or as a production management system to handle the complexities of process manufacturing within a corporate ERP infrastructure.

"My industry, my company,
my job."

TROPOS is highly configurable in true browser architecture. Vertical industry features are complemented by rapid configuration tools and job/role portals to ensure the best possible match with the user’s business while retaining all the advantages of a package solution.

or call: (44) 1256 685276
email: info@ssi-world.com

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