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Issue 2142
Arming Your Salespeople for the New Realities of the Marketplace

The "Googlization" of information has more than leveled the playing field between buyers and sellers: it’s turned the relationship upside down. The main advantage sellers used to have—product knowledge and knowledge of the competition—is now readily available to buyers via the Internet. Buyers are now better informed, savvier, and more demanding. What’s a seller to do?

Leveraging 3-D for Sales Automation examines one of the most powerful new weapons in the salesperson’s arsenal: digital prototyping. Find out how real-time marketing materials and 3-D applications can help your salespeople win business by allowing them to respond faster and more completely to buyers’ questions and special requests, while creating stronger, more compelling proposals.

To emerge victorious in today’s sales wars, the right customer relationship management (CRM) system is an absolute necessity. Many companies are now opting for hosted CRM solutions—systems that deliver the benefits of an on-premise CRM solution without the need for a complex implementation or the assistance of an in-house IT team. Which is the right hosted CRM solution for your organization? Hosted CRM Buyer’s Guide: Choose the Right Solution for Your Business will help you find out.

Getting it right in front of the customer is one thing, getting it right behind the scenes is another. Increasingly, customers no longer want standard, mass-produced, "make-to-stock" goods. The Basics of Quote-to-order Systems will show you how to produce what customers actually do want: lower-priced, higher-quality, custom-designed products.

So now you’ve won the business and have a brand new customer. How can you keep that customer loyal to your firm? The Challenge to Achieve Perfect Order Management shows you how to get and maintain a competitive edge that will help make sure your customer never moves along to the competition.

For a shortlist of CRM solutions best suited to your organization’s business model and special requirements, visit TEC’s CRM Evaluation Center.

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For two years running, IQMS, a leader in the design and development of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, has been named to Manufacturing Business Technology'’s "40 Emerging Software Vendors" list. The list showcases software companies that address challenges in four key areas covered by Manufacturing Business Technology: plant operations, enterprise, supply chain, and product engineering.

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