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Volume 6 Issue 104
IBM SPSS—Making the World Smarter with Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

SPSS: making the world smarter?

Despite some functional overlap with other IBM products, and stiff competition from industry heavy-hitters, IBM SPSS has evolved into a first-rate analytics platform. Get an analyst's-eye view of SPSS in this special report.

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Is Your LMS Missing the Big Picture? Putting Context Engines in Perspective

Context-driven training may be HR's dream come true, but it could also be a nightmare for the rest of us. Raluca Druta explains the hidden social costs of context-engines-equipped LMS in this blog post.


Context engines:
better learning paths, but
where's the big picture?

New(ish) Technology the Key to Success for Distributors


Is this machine the key to success for distributors?

In an economy where disruption is the new normal, fast-growing technologies like mobility, cloud computing, analytics, social media, and even 3D printing are helping distributors adapt—and survive. Details in Bob Eastman's latest blog post.

Cream.HR's Solution to Tomorrow's Today's Recruiting Challenges

Your jetpack may not have arrived yet, but make no mistake, we're living in the future. The proof? A company called Cream.HR is using big data techniques and sophisticated psychometric tests to screen over 200 thousand candidates for a manned mission to Mars! Raluca Druta has the story in this blog post.

Cream HR

Cream HR: helping to hire our new Martian overlords.


White Paper

The SHL Talent Report: Big Data Insight and Analysis of the Global Workforce

There are a finite number of forces that influence business success. Most of these are driven by the abilities and motives of the people who make up our workforce. As such, the use of objective talent data to align your organization's talent with its strategic objectives yields a significant return. This is what SHL calls people intelligence. This report aims to provide a compass for organization's striving to improve their talent management initiatives.

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Compare HRM Solutions

Use TEC Advisor online to compare human resource management (HRM) software solutions, according to your organization's characteristics and needs. It's free, fast, and easy—and you'll see the results immediately.

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What is Virtualization Backup? - VEEAM

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